May 18th

I had my hair cut today – I went for the ear length bob with a full fringe. It feels very strange but I expect I shall get used to it.
I went to the river with John this afternoon and we emptied the crayfish traps. It was very peaceful walking along the river bank in the Spring sunshine. Altho’ I would love to live in a hot country, there is something very beautiful about the English Spring and I think I would miss it. We have a robin’s nest in our wood shed – there are 4 eggs to date, John has fixed a mirror on a stick so that we can look in without disturbing Mrs.Robin.
I meant to scan some more of the new shade ards but never got around to it – I will do it tomorrow. I had new patterns from Ilga Lega arrive today and I have put some Filatura di Crosa Superior in my store!
Now I am going to have a rest and cuddle Jackson!


May 17th

Filatura di Crosa Superior #44

The Superior came today and I have been busy photographing it all and will start to put it in my store tomorrow. I have 20 shades in total. It comes in boxes of 10 balls and so is easy to store.
John has gone fishing with Kevin and so I have been minding Slip and Jackson. Jackson is back to his old self today. I let him into the bedroom whilst I was changing the quilt cover – he had a rare old time ferreting about inside the cover and hiding from Slip and then rushing out. I did vaguely mention about getting a second Bengal but my words fell on stoney ground – I shall have to work on it. I see Jackson’s breeder has an 8 month old male for sale – take a look here. Bruno is the cat I am looking at.
Tomorrow I am having my hair cut and am thinking of having a change. At the moment I have an asymmetrical bob with one side chin length and the other side ear length – no fringe. I am thinking of having a full fringe and a level bob – but supposing I hate it? Fringes take ages to grow out. I will see how I feel when I am in the chair!
Jackson is ominously quiet – I had better go and see what he is up to, a quiet Bengal is a bad Bengal. Back tomorrow

May 16th

Noro Kogarashi

This is a new yarn from Noro for Fall 2010. It is called Kogarashi and is 51% Silk and 49% Wool. It is very like Kochoran except that it does not contain any Angora and so is will not tickle. There are 155 yards per 100g skein and it knits on 5-6mm needles. There is a total of eight shades – see the color card below:

Noro Kogarashi Color Card

My brother and sister in law arrived at 7.30 this morning and we drove them to the airport in my brothers new car. Thank goodness I did not have to drive!!  They will be back next Sunday evening and we will collect them. I felt quite envious of them going to Cyprus where it will be warm!
We went out for a drink last night and Kevin came as he wanted to ask my advice about a Pandora bracelet that he is buying for Jo for her birthday next week. It is our wedding anniversary next Wednesday. John asked me what it was – rice? paper? emerald? I told him it is the Tiffany Key anniversary!!
Jackson is very quiet today and has been asleep all morning which is not like him – I hope nothing is wrong. I am half thinking of getting another Bengal to keep him company as I feel he needs more stimulus than I can give him. Don’t know what John would think about this?!!!!!!
Now I must go and make the stuffing for the pork and finish the apricot and raspberry frangipani slice that I am making! Back tomorrow.

May 14th

Debbie Bliss Andes

This is the new Debbie Bliss Andes yarn. It is spun in Peru and is 65% Baby ALpaca and 35% Mulberry Silk. There are 16 shades – card below – and it comes in 50g skeins with a 105 yards per skein. There will be a pattern book to support the yarn. It is very soft and silky to touch and is handwash only.

Andes Color Card

My Filatura yarn is on the way to me, I have Centolavaggi, Superior and Baby Kid Extra coming. Also pattern books.
My brother and sister in law are going to Cyprus on Sunday and want to leave their car at our house and for us to take them to the airport. No problem except that my car is a 2 seater and John’s Land Rover also only has 2 seats. I suggested that my brother drive us all to the airport and then we can bring his car back here. John is suggesting that I take my sister in law in my car and he will take Peter in his. Good idea except that I HATE driving to the airport as you all know! We will see what happens. My brother’s car is only a week old and so I think he may not want John to drive it.
Jackson is over his operation and does not seem to have calmed down much. He is out in his run at the moment yelling!! Now I must go and stuff some peppers for dinner – back tomorrow.

May 12th

Debbie Bliss Glen

This is a new yarn from Debbie for Fall. It is called Glen and is a chunky weight knitting on US #10.5 needles.  It is 30% Fine Alpaca, 30% Merino Wool and 40% Acrylic. Apparently the Acrylic binds the Alpaca and Merino yarns and bulks them up!  It comes in 12 marled shades and there will be a pattern book devoted to Glen. I am not sure about this one – it vaguely reminds me of Rowan Plaid. It is soft to touch but is hand wash only – I am not sure how practical that makes it.

Debbie Bliss Glen Color Card

No deliveries today – I am expecting Ilga Leja patterns and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino DK and the Filatura di Crosa yarns which seem to be taking forever to arrive.
It is still cold here but we have put Jackson out in his run for an hour – he is protesting loudly as I write this. I must slip his claws tonight – last night he jumped up and clung onto my thigh, luckily I had jeans on and so it was not too painful. Now I must go and iron and then make a chicken stir fry! Back tomorrow.

May 11th

New Shades of Sari Ribbon

New Shades of Sari Ribbon

The Designer Yarns rep came as expected.  There are lots of new yarns including new shades of Sari Ribbon as shown above.
I will tell you about all the new Noro first. Kochoran is being reintroduced and there are eight shades – all new. The other new yarn is Kogarashi. This is 51% Silk and 49% Wool and is a chunky weight. I do have a sample skein and I will photograph it and post it tomorrow. There are 4 new shades in each of Kureyon, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock and two in Yuzen. Oh, there is another new yarn – a lace weight that is called Sekku and comes in eight shades. There are two new books, one by Jane Ellison and one by Jenny Watson. Tomorrow I will tell you about the Debbie Bliss.
Jackson is a bit under the weather today and has slept most of the time. He is eating OK – I think the anaesthetic tired him. He won’t be writing his blog until tomorrow.
We have a man coming this evening to buy some of John’s antique stuffed fish – thank goodness. They are dust traps and I worry Jackson might knock them off their shelves and so I shall be pleased when they are gone.And so I had better go and dust them off before this man comes. Back tomorrow!

May 10th

Jackson is home after his operation – he is very wobbly and seems to want to sleep and so I shall not disturb him but he has written a few lines in his blog.
Tomorrow the Designer Yarns rep is coming to show me the new Debbie Bliss, Noro, Louisa Harding, Mirasol and Araucania for this coming fall. He usually leaves samples and so I will photograph them.
The wading boots have not arrived at their destination and so I have had to confess about my posting error and will have to pay for a new pair! I ordered my iPad today – it will come on May 28th whilst John is in Scotland.
Now I must go as I see Slip is putting her nurses uniform on and needs help with her apron!! Back tomorrow.