June 30th

I am exhausted!!   I went and had my hair cut this morning and by the time I got home, John had put all the boxes from the yarn sheds outside. I had to sort through each one – it was so hot and back aching!  He said that the floor would be dry by 2.0pm and we could pack todays parcels then.  However , it was still very sticky at 2 and so we waited until 3. Altho’ I had all the boxes of yarn outside, I still needed to walk on the floor to get yarns out of the wall racks.  At 3 it was still a bit tacky but we decided to go for it! It was OK until I could not find something and so had to stand in one place for a while and take all the packs out of the racks. When I went to move, my feet were stuck to the floor!  It did pull a bit of paint off but we decided it did not matter. By 5, the floor was dry and so we had to put all the boxes back – it was very physical and my arms ache. Plus John has not put them back in the same places as before and so now it is even harder for me to find things.  We have only done one of the two sheds so far.
I did not find anything heart stopping, but I have amassed a load of odd balls which I will be putting in my shop – Cotton Cashmere, Jaeger Shetland Aran, Cathay, Baby Cashmerino and so on.
I am going in the bath now and we are going out for a drink – Back tomorrow.

June 29th

Hmm! John has decided that the floors in my yarn sheds need re-painting and tomorrow is the day. This means that all the boxes that are on the floor will have to be moved outside whilst he paints the floor. He says it will be a good opportunity for me to go through each box and have a sort out. Not my idea of fun!
Before we start all that, I am going to a new hairdresser as I am not happy with my bob. It is not level and the fringe is not blunt enough. I have made an appointment with the top cutter at a new establishment for 9 am tomorrow.
John went fishing today but did not get very far. There had been an accident and he was in a traffic queue for three hours. Eventually he was able to get onto a side road and came home. He was not a happy bunny!
Now I am going to have a bath and a glass if cold white wine. Back tomorrow. I may find some old Rowan treasures in some of the boxes!!

June 28th

Laura Ashley Blanket Box Being Re-covered

My husband has hidden talents!!  We have a Laura Ashley Blanket box in our bedroom and it was looking rather shabby and so John decided to re-cover it.  The top has buttons that give it a quilted appearance.  I had my doubts that he would be able to do it. But he removed the old buttons and re-covered them, stapled new linen to the sides and top and then put the buttons back on!  It is not finished yet as the corners have to be sorted and it has braid down the side edges.  I was totally amazed that he could do this – the buttons were especially tricky and he has used some Rowan buttons on the inside of the top to secure the cloth covered ones!
Kevin is back from Russia where he caught a 28lb salmon – it had to be returned to the river but I have seen photos and it is enormous. John is envious but does not think he could wade on the rocky bottom – he is nervous since he broke his ankle.
It is hotter than ever here today – Jackson has been out in the garden but he was a bad boy. Altho’ we have an acre of garden, what did he do? Make a bee line for the barbed wire fence and climb it, hoping to get into the adjoining field. It is a wonder he did not cut his paws.
Everyone is very disappointed about the football – but we shall still watch the remaining teams – Brazil v Chile tonight!
Now I am going to let Jackson out of the run for a game in the garden with Slip! Back tomorrow

June 26th

Sorry I did not write yesterday – I am not feeling too well – a bit nauseous and off colour.  I don’t know what it is – maybe the heat.
I have not managed to secure an iPhone 4 and have given up – the whole thing is a shambles and I am going to wait until my local shop gets some. The longer I wait, the less it will cost me to pay off my contract!
We are going out to eat tonight – not that I really feel like it but nor do I feel like cooking and so perhaps it is the lesser of two evils.
Tomorrow is the BIG football match against Germany. It is at 3.0pm UK time and so we will have to eat our lunch fast! I am doing roast pork and have made a pavlova which I am going to fill with stem ginger and cream.
Now I must go and get ready to go out – perhaps I will feel better after a cool bath!

June 24th

Hmm! So much for getting a new iPhone. I rang at 8.0am and was told they are not upgrading over the phone as they had not got any stock.  Later on, I see on the O2 iPhone forum that people HAVE upgraded on the phone and so the first person was not telling me the truth.  I rang again and after holding on for one hour and fifty-one minutes ( lucky it is a free call) I was cut off.  I am totally fed up with the whole thing – it is a farce. Why on earth  do Apple not make enough phones to go round? I can answer that – it is clever marketing to make us want it more!  I am going to forget the whole thing and wait until they are freely available.
We went over the river to empty the crayfish traps again – we had caught 52. John puts them in a bucket and brings them home and one of his friends comes and collects them and cooks them.  I cooked them once but felt very guilty plunging live crayfish into boiling water!!
No news on the yarn front – this time of year is always rather dead.  We are going to sit in the garden now and let Jackson have a game with Slip – I will write again tomorrow.