July 18th

I am sitting here waiting for John to telephone and say his flight has landed – then I am off to the airport. I am feeling very twitchy about driving there and hope I feel better once I am actually en route!  I am cooking Beef Rendang. This is beef in a chilli and coconut sauce. I have never made this before and so I hope it turns out OK.  For dessert I have made a Summer Pudding.
Jackson has been a bad boy today. He has been leaping at Slip and digging his claws in – he does have these wild periods when he is uncontrollable. I must trim his claws again. He has also been sick again – we shall go to the vet tomorrow morning.
I think I shall go and do some ironing – anything to keep my mind off this drive to the airport! I have a thing about it and the more I think about it, the worse I feel! Back tomorrow,


I am off the hook!!  John just called and I said that I was nervous about driving to the airport and so he suggested I call Steve and ask him to collect!  I did so and he will go and get John!!  To say I am relieved is an understatement!!  My Beef Rendang looks a bit odd – I hope it is going to be OK!  The sauce does not seem to have thickened as much as it should – maybe I will tinker with it!!

One thought on “July 18th

  1. When we lived in Pinner I used to have to go to the airport every once in awhile to pick up the husband (he did a lot of business travel, and luckily usually used a limo service). I also hated the huge roundabouts… this was made worse by the fact that I’d learned to drive at the age of 16 in the States, but was totally stymied by using a right-hand drive car!

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