July 22

My Manos del Uruguay lace weight arrived today. It corms in hanks and so I have been twisting them into skeins. Not my favourite task.
Jackson has not been sick for 3 days. I have now starting feeding adult as opposed to kitten food and, so far, so good.
Tomorrow my car goes to have the new wheel fitted. The Mercedes garage always clean my car from top to toe. It comes back looking brand new.
I have given up trying to obtain a new iPhone. I shall wait until the next one is introduced. By that time I will be out of contract and it will be less expensive to upgrade.
Now I must let Jackson out for his evening run. It is me who ends up running after him luckily he yells all the time and so it is easy to track him down if he goes out of sight.


One thought on “July 22

  1. Has John ever questioned how your wheel got bent? Have you run over a curb or two?

    No wonder the Mercedes repairs are so expensive–they throw in a free car wash! Chevrolet doesn’t even wash your windows–they just return your dirty car to you!

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