July 23rd

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Today’s photos show Noro Kochoran which is being re-introduced this Fall. As you can see , there are eight colors and there will be a pattern book in support of the yarn.
My new wheel has been fitted. And, no, I did not hit the curb to damage the old one! The roads here are full of pot holes and the garage said that was the most likely cause of the damage! When I went to collect the car it was parked in amongst an army of brand new Mercedes – I was very nervous backing it out and had visions of damaging these very expensive cars! The showroom is very swish – all glass and marble and there is even a bar where you can have a drink!
I have just cooked one of the five salmon that John caught for Slip and Jackson’s dinner. We do not really like salmon and so I cook it for the animals.
The main road that runs across the bottom of the lane where our house is has been closed due to a burst water main. I hope it is open tomorrow or else I shall have to do a detour along VERY narrow ( only one car wide) country lanes. Plus it is a very log way round – about 5 miles to get to the town, it is only 1 mile if the road is open.
I am cooking Beef Provençal for dinner tonight. It is hard to know what to have everyday. Life would be much simpler if we could all just swallow a pill containing all the necessary nutrients!
Off to pack the last parcels now before the postie comes!

2 thoughts on “July 23rd

  1. What about swapping the DH for Jackson and Slip? He LOVES salmon and your animals are lovely and entertaining- plus I would be able to hold the remote control in my very own hands, for once 🙂

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