July 29th

My large Rowan order will be here on Monday. John does not know quite how much I have coming. I have no idea where I am going to put it all. I will have to have a sort out tomorrow

Jackson fell into the bath last night. He was walking along the edge which was wet as I had splashed some water when getting in. Next thing, he was in the water with me! John fished him out. He seemed quite unperturbed and sat on the laundry basket staring at the water. He did not shake himself – just sat there dripping wet.

Nothing much else to report. Not so hot here now. Back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “July 29th

  1. Many years ago we had a cat who was fascinated by water and he would walk around the edge of the tub and then sit on your chest if you were stretched out. As you might imagine it was a very vulnerable position if you were the human. He would stay dryish and his tail would just float along in the water. When he got out his tail was sodden and dripping and he wouldn’t even notice it. It was quite amusing.

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