July 16th

Jackson on his cat tree

I took this photo of Jackson this morning. He is wondering if he can jump up onto the light fitting on the ceiling!  The markings on his coat are starting to get their adult colors and his legs have got a lot thicker. He was sick again in the night and I have an appointment to see the vet on Monday.
John has been calling me at all hours! He has abandoned the river as it had come up over a meter in height. He has gone to fish a lake about 25 miles to the west. We know the fishery manager very well and he will fit him in! I am so pleased I no longer have to sit in a boat all day trying to catch salmon. It used to be so cold and all the water slopping around made me want the bathroom! I much preferred it in a boat in Florida where it was warm and I could sit and sunbathe on the deck. Thank God there are no boats in Jamaica!!
Now I must go and wait for the postman who should be here any minute. Back tomorrow.

July 15th

Six designs from Rowan Magazine #48

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  I took John to the airport at 5.0am.  I could not believe how busy it was – worse than at midday. I can home via the scenic route and evaded the traffic and the big, scary roundabout.  It rained heavily in the night in Ireland and John called this morning to say the river was unfishable and he wanted to come home!!  I tried to change his flight but I could not and so he would have had to buy a new ticket if he wanted to come home tomorrow.  He did not want to pay yet more and so is staying until Sunday.  He has arranged to go fishing on a lough tomorrow – it will not be affected by the rain!  Honestly, no sooner is he gone than he is wanting to come back.
Slip is being very difficult – she follows me everywhere and is under my feet. She misses John terribly. I take her for 4 walks a day but I cannot provide the excitement of swimming that she gets with John. I thought Jackson was getting over his sickness but he was sick again this afternoon – all down the back of an armchair. I thought he had got out yesterday. I could not find him anywhere. I was panicking and went into the bedroom to get some shoes to go out and look for him. Slip followed me into the bedroom and stood staring at the duvet. Jackson was IN the bed, fast asleep!! He must have sneaked in whilst I was putting the laundry away.
No yarn news today. I am trying to make space for the massive delivery that will come on August 1st. Pity John had not delayed going to Ireland until then!
Now I am going to have a rest and watch TV.

July 13th

Patty and Hetty from Rowan Magazine #48

Rowan Magazine #48 arrived today – two days early!   I like some of the fairisle designs very much. There is a dress which I think I might knit as a sweater as I think a dress in Felted Tweed would seat and cling!!
John is all packed and ready to go tomorrow at 5.30am – I just hope there won’t be much traffic at the airport. I wish he was not going now as I shall miss him and Slip positively pines. Jackson has only been sick once today and not very much – he was pleased that it rained and so he did not have to go outside in his run!!
We are going to bed early to make up for the early start and so I will go and have my bath now!! Back tomorrow

July 12th

My shop’s server is down at the moment but the engineers are working on it – hope it is back up soon!
It is John’s birthday today and we are going out for a drink after dinner. He received a call from Ireland today and there has been a flood and the salmon are running! He has booked a flight for Wednesday and I shall have to take him to the airport at 5.0am! At least there won’t be so much traffic on the road – I so hate the drive to the airport and shall come home via my country route ( about 5 miles longer but no giant roundabouts to negotiate!) He is coming back on Sunday night.
Studio #20 arrived today and I have put it in my shop.
Jackson has just been sick again – I am going to try feeding him just Royal Canin biscuits which is what he had as a baby. If that does not help we will go to the vet again.
Now I must go and iron – John has suddenly presented me with fishing coats, wading vests and all manner of garments that he MUST take with him! Back tomorrow.

July 11th

Sorry to be AWOL!  Jackson is no better – he is still being sick after eating. I have switched him to cooked chicken as the vet recommended, but it has made no difference. In fact, if anything, he has been sick more frequently, We shall have to go back to the vet.
We went to Coho last night with Steve and Lynn. It was very nice. Light and airy and by a river. I had crab and prawns to start with followed by Beef Stroganoff. Then Lynn and Steve came home with us and we sat outside and had a drink. We let Jackson out to play and suddenly he vanished. We hunted high and low and I eventually found him on top of one of the wheels of Steve’s Range Rover, hidden from sight.
It is still very hot here – I am getting tanned ready for Jamaica!
This week I am expecting Studio 20 and the new Rowan magazine. I have reduced Rowan Calmer in Freesia and Calmer in my store to $5 a ball. Now we are going to watch the World Cup final – back tomorrow.

July 8th

We took Jackson to the vet. He growled and hissed at her when she tried to take him out of the basket but came round when she petted him. She could find nothing wrong physically – no obstructions in the throat or foreign bodies.  She thinks that maybe something in the Whiskas is not agreeing with him and I am to try cooked chicken or fish. She said he was a good weight and his coat was in beautiful condition. I am pleased we went as it has put my mind at rest.   Fridge is stocked with chicken pieces!
I am in the throes of putting all the yarns that Rowan have on the discontinued list in my shop – it is a lengthy process, but you can see what I have done so far here.  I can only offer full packs and they are subject to availability. I will be adding more each day.
We are going out for a drink tonight – I feel exhausted. It is humid here but not sunny. I am cooking pork chops and so had better go and attend to them!