August 17th

We went to the garden party!  The marquee was large and the bar was at one end. The center was set up with tables for eight and at the far end there was a stage with a live group.  We had several drinks and then sat down for dinner.  Gerald had employed a catering company and so there were lots of waitresses. The main course was sausages and mashed potato served very artistically with vegetables on the side.  Dessert was banana and toffee cheesecake and cheese and biscuits.  We sat at a table with a man who had a new Thai bride. He is 70+ and she was about 22.  I don’t know how anyone could marry a man that much older. She was very pretty and had wonderful diamonds …hmm! perhaps I do know how she could!!  We know the man from way back. He left his first wife and married this young girl,  The wife has upped and gone to live in Florida!!  We came home about 10.30 as John was driving and so did not want too much to drink.  All in all, I enjoyed myself.

Jackson continues to make progress – he has not been sick and is definitely gagging far less frequently. He has taken to sleeping in the new wood burning fire – it is empty but stood in place. John and Steve are going to install it on Thursday.  We are both going to the optician tomorrow as I need new glasses and new prescription sunglasses.  I shan’t wear my contact lenses on the flight as they are fiddly to take out if I want to sleep.

No yarn news – I think Kim Hargreaves new book will come soon and also Noro World of Nature and more books from Louisa.  Now I am going to empty the dishwasher – not my favorite job!


One thought on “August 17th

  1. Sounds like a great garden party! Yes, I think we all know why the young girl married the older man. Perhaps all of his exes will end up living in Florida! Poor men, they just don’t “get it”!

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