August 25th

Free Rowan Patterns

The patterns shown above will be available as free downloads from Rowan from October 1st. They all use either British Sheep Breeds Chunky, DK or Boucle.

The Noro Kochoran and World of Nature #28 just arrived – John is out fishing and so I have smuggled them in!  The Kochoran is lovely – I shall put it in my store tomorrow.

It is very wet here today and I am minding Slip as John has gone boat fishing and she is a nuisance in a boat as she continually plunges over the side and frightens the fish.  John had a scare last night. He went to the wood with the aim of hiding in one of the high seats that the deer stalkers use.  These are like wooden boxes built on tall legs – they are big enough for two people to sit in and have slats along one side to shoot through. You climb up the ladder and the floor of the box is a trapdoor which you open to get into the box!  They are about 12 feet high.  John thought he could hide in one and watch for foxes. He got up the ladder and let the trapdoor down and climbed in and bolted the door in place again.  He felt something on his arm and brushed it off thinking it was a moth….it was getting dark.  Then something else was on his coat collar and then he heard a very loud buzzing coming from above his head.  When he looked up he saw it was a hornet’s nest and they were coming out of the nest in droves.  He managed to unbolt the trapdoor and climb down the ladder with the hornets in pursuit.  Luckily the Land Rover was near and he got into it without being stung!

Jackson is nearly back to normal. He does have a very wild streak to his nature. He suddenly gets a look in his eyes and attacks! He sits in ambush behind things and leaps out and bites as you go buy. Or else he waits until Slip is not looking and rushes up to her and jumps on her back with  his claws out.  Then he will change back and be sweet and loving again. Slip is starting to be afraid of him which is not good as she was so nice to him when he was tiny.  The vet did tell me that most Bengals rule dogs – I am starting to believe her!

Now I must go and make a cheese and potato pie for dinner!!  Back tomorrow.

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