August 27th

Rowan Winter Kids

Rowan Winter Kids

This is a sneak peak of Rowan Winter Kids which is due on October 1st and contains 20 designs for 3 – 12 year olds.

Today has not been good! John asked me if I would go with him to collect some pheasant food from a mill at Saxmundham which is about an hour away.  We set off at 8.30am so as to be home in good time to pack parcels before the postman arrives.  The roads were very busy as it is a holiday weekend and the road to Saxmundham is a road to the sea. There were  caravans and cars packed with people going away for the weekend.  We got to Saxmundham – no sign of the mill!  John telephoned them only to be told that we should have been at Saxlingham, not Saxmundham. Saxlingham was further north and we had to do a de-tour of some sixty miles to get to it!  John had somehow muddled the two names up.  Eventually we found it and got the bags of food.  Terrible traffic on the way home – we did not get back until 3.0pm and the postman comes at 4.0. So it was a mad dash to get everything packed.  I just managed it – and the postman was early!!

I have chilblains coming on my toes – it is because John insisted on blowing cold air through the Land Rover whilst we were driving today and I had bare feet in sandals.  The slightest cold will make the chilblains come. My toes are itching like crazy!

Jackson was somewhat miffed at being left alone for so long – he seems much better and had some trout tonight and was not sick.  Now I am going to have a rest – I shall be glad when today is over!

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