August 30th

Noro Kochoran

Noro Kochoran

Sorry that I have not written for the last few days.  It is a holiday weekend here in the UK and so I have been having a bit of a rest.

On Saturday we went to a new Chinese restaurant. It was authentic style chinese food and I enjoyed it especially the spicy soft shell crab! Tomorrow we are going shopping in Cambridge as John needs new sandals for Jamaica.  I have contacted the resort and requested that our room does NOT overlook the Au Natural beach! It is very disconcerting to sit on the balcony and see nude people below you!  I had a reply and they said they would do their best.  I cannot really believe we are going. I don’t like leaving Jackson and just hope he won’t get sick. I am taking his food. I know that cattery owners would rather feed dry food as it means there are no messy bowls to wash up.  I shall offer to pay more for Jackson’s washing up as I don’t want him eating dry food and getting a bad throat again. When it actually comes time to go away, I never want to go but once I get in the plane I will be OK.

I have managed to put the new Kochoran in my shop and will take photos of each skein tomorrow.  I am expecting the new Kim Hargreaves book any day now – and also the Rowan Drift and new shades of Cocoon.

Now I am going to watch a new Miss Marple on TV and have a glass of wine!  Back tomorrow


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