August 17th

Jackson seems a little better. He is not gagging or shaking his head so much and has not been sick. There was a lot of dribble this morning when I woke him up but he jumped out of his pen and was ready to play. In fact he has been quite naughty today.  John has started to install our new wood burning fire and Jackson managed to get up the chimney. There is a ledge a little way up where the chimney changes course and he was sitting up there. He was sooty with black feet!!
Tonight we are off to the garden party. It is at Gerald and Mena’s house which is about 4 miles away. Yesterday they had a big family party as Gerald had been tracing his ancestors and invited all long lost and unknown relations for lunch in a marquee. He decided to keep the marquee for an extra day and so all friends are going tonight. Gerald has a brother David who we know well. But he also has a half brother, Bert, who lives in LA and whom I met on Saturday night in the pub. Gerald and David’s father had two wives ( and several non- wives!) and so the family is large and spread out! It is cold here and I am wondering if I will be warm enough in a dress?! Maybe I will take a pashmina with me!
No real news on the yarn front. I have the Filatura di Crosa rep coming on Friday. I do like their yarns but they are hard to sell – everyone seems to knit with the devil they know.
Now I had better go and wash my hair and decide what to wear. I have some new sandals with rather high heels – don’t think I shall wear them as I might stumble if I have had a few glasses of wine! Back tomorrow


August 14th

I thought Jackson was getting better but he has been sick again, once yesterday and once this afternoon. Just one big heave and a lot of fluid. Also he was soaked with dribble this morning – we have decided to go the vet again on Monday.
John’s gout has gone – thank goodness and Slip’s paw has healed. I just wish Jackson would get better – it is only 3 weeks until we go away on Tuesday next, and I would not be happy leaving him like this.
We have been invited to a garden party next Monday night. I hope the weather warms up as it is cold today and very wet – not ideal for standing around on someone’s lawn!
We are not eating out tonight, I am cooking stake in black bean sauce with mixed fried rice. Then we are going out for a drink.
Nothing much else to report – Jackson is asleep at the moment. He is eating well but this continual sickness and drooling is not right. Also he does not play like he used to – no ambushing Slip or playing ball or turbo track – when he is awake he just wants to sit on my lap. I shall be pleased when Monday comes and we can go to the vet again. Back tomorrow

August 11th

Sorry I have not written …I now have three patients to look after!

Jackson is about the same – he is definitely not any worse and is eating. He is still gagging a bit and drooling in the night. I am crushing his pills and mixing them in with his food and he is eating them without complaint!  He has enough pills for another 6 days and so I will see how it goes.

Yesterday Slip cut her paw and made trails of blood all over the house!  We confined her to her basket but she disobeyed and came out when the postman came and made blood again! It is not a bad cut – just messy.

John has severe gout in his left wrist. His hand and wrist are very swollen and he cannot use that hand at all. This means I have to do up his shirt buttons, help him put socks and trousers on, squeeze the toothpaste for him………he is worse than useless. Also he is somewhat in alligator mode – snappy!!  We do not know what has caused this attack – he has been eating a lot of plums but they are not on the “bad” food list.  I am just hoping and praying that he does not get an attack just when we are going to leave for Jamaica – I will kill him!!

I had my hair cut this morning and did a bit of shopping and then it was back to my nursing duties.  I am exhausted worrying about other people and animals – I would rather be ill myself.

Now I am going to clean the kitchen floor again as I see Slip has made some more blood spots. We did put a sock over her paw but she soon chewed it off!   Back tomorrow,

August 9th

Jackson seems a little better. He is eating normally and is more lively. He is being impossibly difficult when it comes to taking his pills. We have to wrap him in a towel and then put him in a sack! He claws and struggles to the end. He is still gagging and drooling but not as much as before. Maybe the antibiotics are taking effect at last.

All the new shades of Sari Ribbon arrived today. I will put them in my shop tomorrow. The two new shades of Felted Tweed and one of the two shades of Kid Classic also came.

Nothing much else to report. Time for Jackson’s pills……not a good moment.

August 7th

We took Jackson to the vet this morning.He was very fierce in the  waiting room and growled at any dog that dared to come near his basket.  The Vet looked down his throat and said that the red sore area was still there – it as about as big as a large postage stamp. She also took his temperature which was normal.  I asked if this soreness could be being caused by an illness and she said that she would expect him to have a raised temperature and be dehydrated and generally more ill if there was an underlying illness. So, we have stronger antibiotics. She is on  holiday next week as her daughter is getting married next week but she gave me her home number and I am to call her on Wednesday and tell her how he is. If needs be, she will come and see him at home. She said she did not want to give him another anaesthetic  unless it was absolutely essential.

I do feel more reassured as she said that when he was anaesthetised and she touched this sore place, it actually bled and so he is in great discomfort.  I suppose he could have eaten something like a fishing fly or a tooth pick and it scratched his throat and eventually he either coughed it up or it came out the other end.  Also I the breeder emailed me and she said that , on the whole, Bengals are bad patients and hate having anything wrong with them.  He is asleep in his hammock at the moment and I am not going to wake him because I feel that whilst he is sleeping, he is pain free, I will just have to see how it goes.

We are not going out to eat tonight – I am cooking spaghetti with a smoky bacon and tomato sauce.  We may go out for a drink later – I will see how Jackson is.  Back tomorrow and thank you for all your supportive emails.

August 6th

Jackson is worse than ever.  I am waiting for the vet to call me – I rang her earlier but she was operating and the receptionist said she will call me back.  He is now shaking his head and opening and shutting his mouth almost continuously. He is also putting his paw to his mouth. I really do think there is something stuck in his throat that he is trying to get rid of. I know the X Ray did not show anything but  I cannot believe a scratched throat would make him behave like this. And what scratched it in the first place? Maybe whatever it was is still there and re-scratching it. He cries so pitifully and just sits in a hunched up position looking very unhappy.  I hate seeing  him like this.

Ah, the vet has just called. We are to take him in tomorrow and she will take another look. She said the raw area at the back of his throat was quite large and would be very sore – but I am not 100% convinced that it would cause all this trouble for so long. I don’t know what to think really….I telephoned the breeder but she is in Thailand on holiday but I can email her and so will do so now and see what she thinks.  Sorry not to be more upbeat – I will report again when we have been to the vet tomorrow.

August 5th

Rowan Renew in DIesel

Jackson is no better – in fact he is worse.  He did not come out of his pen when I lifted the lid this morning. Usually he bounds out and comes and sits on the laundry basket whilst I clean the bathroom.  He eventually came out at about 9.0am an went straight to his hammock and slept until 4.0pm. He has only eaten about a teaspoonful of food and seems generally disinterested in everything.  If there is no change, we will take him to the vet tomorrow.  I was able to leave the patio door open today and he made no attempt to escape – normally he is out in a flash. I am very worried and cannot settle to anything.

My new iPhone came today and I have set it up without any problems. It is very sleek and slim!!

I photographed all the individual shades of Renew today except for Tractor which is delayed.  I have new Louisa Harding books coming tomorrow but her yarns are not ready yet. Also I found out that Noro Kochoran and Kogarashi will not be here until the end of this month. At least that gives me a bit of breathing space.

John is over the wood feeding his pheasants and we are going out for a drink when he gets back and so I must go in the bath!  Back tomorrow.