September 6th

Well, Slip and Jackson have been delivered to the boarding kennels.  I felt a bit sad at leaving Jackson but they let me leave his travelling basket in with him and so perhaps he will curl up in it as it smells of home.  The premises are very nice, Jackson had indoor and outdoor quarters, high shelves to jump up onto, a scratching post and a covered toilet – not sure what he will make of the latter.
I have packed most of my case and John is doing his. We are being collected by the airline at 10.00am and so there is no great rush in the morning.
My face is not much improved – the cheekbone is very swollen – I can see it when I look straight ahead. I shall just have to tough it out. Makeup will be no good in Jamaica as it will run in the heat. OH well, I can hide behind my dark glasses for most of the time.
Of course, now it is nearly time to go, I do not want to…….I am always like this and will be OK once I am in the air!
I get back on the 15th and will be shipping on the 16th – I have not shut my shop and so you can still buy things. Now I will go – back on the 15th with tales of my travels!


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