September 16th

I am back!!

Where to begin?  Our car and driver collected us from home and took us to London Gatwick Airport where we were met by Virgin Atlantic ground staff who whisked our luggage away and took us to the departure lounge. We did not have to stand in line to check in or anything like that.  We had some champagne and then it was time to board. More champagne before take off and then more before lunch!  Wine with lunch – I had chicken and asparagus in a sauce and it was nice for aircraft food.  Then we had a sleep and when we woke up, it was time to land.  The immigration process was rather slow – long lines of people and very hot.  We were supposed to have a car to take us to the hotel and, when we got into the arrivals area, there was a man with a card with my name on it!  He was not very friendly and frogmarched us outside and told us to wait whilst he telephoned for the car to be brought around.  I was expecting some sort of limousine  – in fact it was a beaten up Toyota van!  We were too hot and tired to question this and got in.

Our driver was called Sunny and he was terrible – the roads are full of holes and he kept swerving to avoid them and we nearly ended up in the ditch several times. The drive took about 2 hours and we were pleased to get out!  I did ask him if he knew about our return booking to the airport and he said it would be no problem.  No problem is a common saying in Jamaica – often it is “no problem” because nothing happens!  We checked in and were given another glass of champagne and taken to our room. This was a beachfront suite and I had requested one that did not overlook the nude beach.  We had one that was 3 buildings away and so that was good. It was a very large room with a big bathroom with jacuzzi and separate shower.  Drinks cabinet bursting with spirits plus a fridge with wine, champagne, beer and soft drinks. We showered and went to dinner. Lots of the staff remembered us which was nice. There was a live reggae group on the stage and it was waitress service.  After dinner, there was dancing and the entertainment crew encourage guests to limbo dance or get up and sing.  No, I did not do either!!  I had to keep a low profile as the whole left side of my face had turned black by this time.  I had intended wearing my dark glasses all the time but the bruising was so extensive that they did not hide it at all.  Also it is somewhat dark in the restaurants and I could not see with the glasses on. So, I had to tough it out! Actually, after a few drinks, I forgot all about it along with most things!!  We went to bed early the first night as we were tired. It was 20 hours since we got up!!  I will continue tomorrow.

I have shipped all outstanding orders today – thanks to everyone for being patient.  In my absence I received some Rowan Drift ( it reminds me of Rowan Plaid ), new shades of Louisa Harding Willow Tweed and Thistle and various other things. It is a bit of a nightmare getting it all sorted but I will get there.

Slip had fretted badly at the kennels, they said she did not eat anything for 3 days and did not wag her tail once. She won’t leave John’s side now.  Jackson hasn’t stopped yelling since we got home – he seems to have grown a lot too.  He had a neighbour in the next pen – a large British Blue called Roger!  Roger’s owner had him lead trained – I hope Jackson learnt something.

Now I must attack the ironing mountain – shorts and shirts galore!!  Back tomorrow.

One thought on “September 16th

  1. Welcome back! Hope you’re good and rested, and tan enough so that any remaining bruising is unobtrusive.

    Slip and Jackson must be so relieved!

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