September 19th

We soon got into a routine in Jamaica. Up at 6.0 am to walk the beach and look for crabs and fish.  There were not many other people about and wild creatures were undisturbed. Then back to the room to get ready for breakfast at 7.30.  Breakfast was buffet style with everything you could think of on offer. Smoked Salmon, bacon, sausages, fried potatoes, cereals, fruit, yogurt, a vast array of Danish pastries, breads, cakes, pancakes and also cooking stations where you could have an omelette made as you wished.  Also a drink station with Champagne and juices for Bucks Fizz or Vodka and tomato juice for Bloody Marys.  As I never eat breakfast at home, I was somewhat daunted by this array but did manage a pancake and maple syrup most mornings.
Then we would go back to the bedroom and change into our swimwear and go to the beach. We stuck our red flag in the sand and waitresses came and took our drinks orders and also distributed cold towels and iced cubes of fruit. We would swim every so often when the heat became too much.
Around 1 pm we used to go to the beach bar for more drinks and something to eat – jerk chicken, shrimps on skewers, Mahi-Mahi and so on. Then into the pool and the swim-up bar for more drinks. Then back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.
We normally went back to our room about 5 pm and hors d’oeuvres were delivered to our room – sushi, smoked salmon, canapes and so on. We used to sit on the balcony and eat them and have – yes, you’ve guessed it – another drink! Then in the shower to wash my hair. The humidity did not suit my hair at all – it was a pain having to wash and blow dry it everyday especially as the supplied hairdryer was not very powerful.
Then off to dinner. There were several choices – an Asian restaurant, a pasta one, a formal one and an informal one. You could go to more than one if you wished – not that we did. There was entertainment each night. We felt tired early – most probably the heat – and were in bed by 10.0pm.
One morning we decided to take a kayak out. I assumed it would be an easy thing to paddle! I had to wear a life vest which was made of moulded rubber and was not at all flexible. When I sat in the kayak the vest rode up and was round my chin and most uncomfortable. I sat in the front with John in the back. The paddle was SO heavy – I could only do a few strokes before my arms ached. I just sat there and let John do all the work. We had intended to paddle to an island which is half a mile offshore but there was no way I could do that. I am obviously not kayaking material!!
Tomorrow I will tell you about some special creatures we saw in the hotel gardens!

One thought on “September 19th

  1. Gosh, it all sounds so decadent and fabulous. Drinkies morning, noon and night and all the sustenance you could ask for and personally delivered to boot. I’m wondering if there’s a little bit more of you that came home after all of that pampering. You deserved it of course! I hope you brought home presents for the “kids” and I’ll bet they’re glad to see you.

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