September 19th

Jackson on his cat tree

I thought you would like to see a photo of Jackson which I took this morning. He has grown into a big cat and likes to sit on the top level of his tree and bat anyone who passes by.  We are going to take him to the vet again this week as he is still being sick and tossing his head as if there is something in his throat. If necessary, he will have to be X rayed again.

Now onto the creatures we saw in Jamaica!!  There is a man who gives hat making classes beside one of the pools. He makes hats from palm tree leaves. They are amazing and look like entralac knitting. We got taking to him about birds and said we had never seen a humming bird. He said that the best time to see them was after rain. That afternoon after a shower, we were on our balcony having a drink and John suddenly spotted one taking nectar from the flowers in the garden below our room. It was so small and flitted from flower to flower.  We only saw it that one time in spite of looking everyday after rain.

One day when we went for our early morning walk we decided to leave the confines of the hotel beach and walk on further. You have to check out with the security guard and give him your name and room number. We did this and walked on past more hotels. Then we came to a section of beach where local people were setting up stalls selling carvings, tee shirts and such like.  There were heaps of rubbish behind their stalls- not very nice.  These vendors are VERY pushy and aggressive and so you have to be careful not to look at them or they will pounce.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw an animal running behind the stalls. It looked a bit like a squirrel or maybe a rat.  Later on that day whilst sitting on our balcony ( having another drink ), I saw one in the hotel flower bed!  That evening we asked what it was and were told it was a Mongoose.  Next day there were several of them in the flower beds – they were playing and were very cute. Apparently they were imported to Jamaica to deal with rats that plagued the sugar cane plantations and have now become naturalised.

I have found a box of marbled buttons in various colors that I thought I had no more of and have put them in the Clearance Buttons department in my store. I am cooking roast pork for lunch with roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots and acorn squash. Tomorrow I will tell you about the strange foods I had in Jamaica!

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