September 21st

Now for the culinary delights of Jamaica!  The choice of food was vast. There were 4 restaurants plus  a beach grill which was open 24 hours.  Lychee was the Asian one and we ate there once.  Heliconia was an Italian style restaurant with pasta and other Italian dishes. The Cassava terrace served international cuisine with some themed nights. Otaheite was reservations only and you had to wear proper clothes – collared shirt and closed toed shoes for men and a dress or skirt and top for ladies.  The beach grill served jerk port and chicken, fries, patties – sort of fast food!  I had curried goat several times, all sorts of pasta, callalo  which is like spinach, breadfruit and ackee and salt fish.  Ackees grow on trees and look like red mangos, when the are cooked they look like scrambled eggs and are served with salt fish which is cod that has been preserved by storing it in salt.  It is a breakfast dish. John did not like it but I thought it was OK. He was much more conservative going for Kellogg’s Cornflakes!  I also tried coconut water – the clear liquid that comes out of a coconut, not the milk.  We had lobster tails one night – they were delicious.  We also ate loads of ice cream as there was a machine that you could help yourself from on the beach – cones and all!

I am expecting two new books from Rowan. One is Nordic Knits by Martin Storey and the other is Rowan Studio Knits which is a compendium of the most popular designs from the Rowan Studio Collections.

Slip has hurt one of her toes and is hopping about on 3 legs. We cannot see any foreign body – John thinks she may have caught it in a fence. War is being waged on the squirrels that are stealing our walnuts – there is a continuous stream of them!

Now I must go and wash my hair – not my favorite job!

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