September 23

Rowan Felted Tweed Rage

Rowan Felted Tweed Rage Back in Stock

John has gone fishing today and so I am minding Slip. She is such a baby – always listening for him to come back!  Jackson is out in his run as he was naughty this morning and attacked Slip several times. He rushes into the room and jumps on her head whilst she is sleeping in her basket.  I know he only wants to play but I am afraid he might hurt her eyes. I have clipped his claws right back.  Slip is afraid of him – such a baby!!

I had some Lucy Neatby patterns come today along with KnitPro needles of various types.   It has rained all day here and is generally depressing.

When John gets back, I am cooking corned beef and sweetcorn hash for him and I have some crab which I shall make a sandwich from.  I am trying to master a spreadsheet on my iPad but it is slow going!  I have never been taught how to use one properly and so find it difficult.

Nothing else to report – wish I was back in the Jamaican sunshine!

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