September 5th


Things are going from bad to worse!!  We went to Coho and had a nice meal and then came home.  John opened the patio door to let Slip out and Jackson escaped!! He would not let me catch him and ran across the road into a field.  It was dark and there are no street lights as I live in a rural location.  I chased after him and caught my foot in a rabbit hole and fell into the hawthorn hedge.  My face was scratched and a branch smacked me in the eye.  Now I have a black eye and look dreadful. My cheekbone is swollen and even with my new big dark glasses on, you can still see the swelling. I am frantically applying cold and hot compresses in the hope it will help. I took the photo with my iPhone.  John eventually caught Jackson sauntering down the middle of the road – luckily there were no cars about.

Now I must make a chicken curry and blackberry and apple pie – I am wearing my dark glasses so that I do not have to see the horrid eye every time I go past a mirror!

September 4th

Bessie from Touching Elegance

Oh no!  How could this happen just now?  I have shingles  on the left hand side of my head behind my ear and they are in my hair.  I have horrid shooting pains that last for a second and then are gone – they make me gasp as they hurt so much. I am taking pain killers which keep the pain at bay for short periods. I also have some cream to put on the shingles but it makes my hair all  sticky.  And it is only  2 days until we go away.  There are so many things to do before we go and now I don’t feel so good and have no energy.  Oh well, what doesn’t get done will have to wait!

I have my new prescription sunglasses and I can see fine with them. I shall wear them instead of my contact lenses in Jamaica as contact lenses and the sand and sea do not really mix well. John is trying to limit my packing saying that I do not need so many tops/shorts/sandals/sarongs – I am taking no notice!

I am offering free shipping on Noro Blossom at the moment and it is only $7 a skein.

We are going to eat at Coho tonight – a belated birthday dinner for me. I must steer John away from the beef dishes or he will get gout – he can have fish instead!
I am going to have a sleep now if I can as the pain is not too bad at the moment. Back tomorrow

September 2nd

I have been very busy getting ready to go to Jamaica next week.  I have washed and ironed all my shorts, Tee shirts and bikinis, cleaned my sandals, polished my sunglasses and now I am nearly ready but I still have to sort all John’s things out.  I called the cattery and they said it will be fine to take Jackson’s and Slip’s food, so that is a relief.

It was my birthday yesterday – we did not go anywhere special, just out for a drink in the evening.

John gave me 3 intertwined Tiffany bracelets – I have had to steal a photo from the Tiffany site as they are being made smaller for me and so I can’t take a photo of them.  I shan’t take them to Jamaica – I am not taking any expensive jewellery as I should most probably loose it in the sea!!  I have bought some fake sparkly bracelets to wear!!

No news on the yarn front but I am expecting a Rowan delivery tomorrow. I am also waiting for the new shades of Willow Tweed and all the Rowan Drift.

Now I must go and see to Jackson – he is out in his run and is yelling to come in!  Back tomorrow