October 30th

Well, my happiness was short lived. Jackson had regurgitated in the night. His bed was soaked and covered with undigested biscuits. I am going to wait until Monday in case it was a one off. I managed to administer the medication. I held him by the scruff of the neck and put the syringe in the corner of his mouth. He does not like the taste but I got most of it down him.

John is back from his shoot. Somewhat grumpy as the vehicle ( an old minibus ) overturned In a ditch. This bus takes the beaters from drive to drive. It was packed full and so it is a miracle that no one was injured. They had to winch it out of the ditch which caused a big delay. Slip was naughty and had to be tied to a screw in the ground to stop her running in before she was supposed to. So, all in all, my husband is not a happy bunny.

We are going out for a meal and then to the 3 horseshoes.

I have put Kim Hargreaves Cherished in my shop. I think this is her best book so far.

Now I must medicate Jackson. Back tomorrow.

October 29th

Jackson is missing some fur

Jackson is back. We collected him at 1 pm.  Carla explained that it is quite likely that the vomiting will recur. Apparently a single “ballooning” is only successful in about 2 out of 10 cases.  Often it needs to be repeated 3 or 4 times.  We have to take him back on November 23rd and he will need to stay in for more tests and possibly another ballooning.  If he is sick before then, I am to telephone them and they will see him immediately.  I have two antacid medicines that I have to administer with a syringe. Joel said he does not like them and so it may be a struggle. If, after 3 or 4 balloonings, the  problem is still there, he will have to have an operation. They are trying the least invasive methods first.

He is very lively – rushing around the house – currently climbing the curtains!  His neck has been shaved under his chin and also about a third of his tummy.  Carla said that he was the favorite cat of the nursing staff!  He became very affectionate and they let him out of his cage and played ball with him  He is only to have dry food – this stimulates the oesophagus.   So, we shall see how he goes.

Tomorrow is the first shoot on the land that John manages and so he is somewhat prickly at the moment.  He worries about it all – whether things will go well etc.  I am going to have my hair cut at 9 am and then go shopping and then come home and play with Jackson.

The new Kim Hargreaves book arrived today whilst we were collecting Jackson.  I will put it in my shop tomorrow.

October 28th

Carla just called. Jackson is doing well, no regurgitation or gagging. She said he purred so loudly that she could not hear his heartbeat.

We can collect him at 1 pm tomorrow. If all goes well, he will not need to be seen again for 4 weeks. But if he regurgitates, I am to contact them.

So I am pleased! I have missed him so much. No one to help me unpack groceries, leap out from behind curtains and scare me, no one to play with……dogs are not the same!

I will write again as soon as we get home tomorrow.

October 27th -update

Carla just called to say she has been to visit Jackson and he is lively and doing fine! No regurgitation and no shaking his mouth when eating. I hope he doesn’t get too attached to being in hospital! He may not love me anymore!

Slip has just trashed Jackson’ favourite knitted mouse! Has anyone time to knit him a new one? I will supply the yarn!

October 27th

Joel, the vet in charge, has just called. Jackson has had the balloon procedure and all went well. He is awake and eating.  However, we are not out of the woods yet.  The very act of having the balloon treatment can cause a new stricture!  Also they do think he may also have a hiatus hernia. We are going to take it a step at a time. He will stay in hospital until Friday and, providing he is not still regurgitating, he can come home. I am to feed only dry food as this will help to keep the oesophagus  open.  If all is OK, then he is cured. But if the regurgitating comes back, he will have to return to hospital for an operation. Joel said he was in good form and asking to be cuddled and petted.  So, all in all, I am feeling happier!  I am pleased I persisted in getting treatment for Jackson – I knew something was not right even tho’ he did not seem to be ill. Being sick everyday is not normal.

Now I must dash as I have to do ironing and cook a prawn curry!  Back tomorrow – Joel is going to call me with an update!