October 25th Update #2

Carla just called again to say that the ultra sound revealed “something” between Jackson’s oesophagus and the start of his stomach. The plan is to try to get him to eat some food which will have barium mixed in it and use a machine to see how the food progresses through his body.

But she did say that, if he will not eat the food, then they will anaesthetise him and put a camera down his throat.

He has been very grumpy. He was put in the cat ward but made so much fuss and was upsetting all the other cats and so he has been moved to a side ward on his own. She said he had lots of blankets and has settled down a little. There will be someone monitoring him all night.

So now I have to wait until tomorrow. Carla will call as soon as she has any news.

4 thoughts on “October 25th Update #2

  1. Thanks for the updates. Poor little guy. But at least the medical team seems to be top notch. All my best wishes to you and Jackson.

  2. Poor little guy. The hardest part is waiting for news and it’s always awful leaving them alone in a strange environment. I hope it’s treatable and that all will be well. I also hope he doesn’t punish you too badly for leaving him. Thanks for updating us.

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