October 26th

Carla telephoned me about an hour ago.  Jackson was in a nice mood and wanting cuddles this morning. He ate some fish impregnated with barium and they took some X rays.  His oesophagus  is constricted and this is either being caused by a stricture or a hiatus hernia. Tomorrow they will guide a balloon down his throat with a camera and inflate it and push the stricture outwards.  If it is a simple stricture this will cure it. But if it is being caused by a hernia pressing on the oesophagus, then he will need an operation.  They are trying the balloon method first and they will know that it is a hernia if it does not cure the problem.  He will have to be anesthetized.  He has eaten dinner tonight and Carla was going to go and pet him before she went home.

So I feel better about it – at least they have found something. Karla will ring me after the ballooning tomorrow!

I have 4 shades of Baby Cash coming – they are colors that are going to be discontinued and so I can get them more cheaply.  Also the new Kim Hargreaves book is expected any day.  Ian, the Designer Yarns rep, is coming to see me on Tuesday next and show me the new yarns for Spring 2011.  He is also bringing me some Grouse!

Now I must get on, I have not been feeling very motivated as I have been worrying about Jackson and waiting for the phone to ring!  Back as soon as I have more news.


5 thoughts on “October 26th

  1. Either way this seems like good news…yey! I’m feeling much better myself knowing that beautiful Jackson will soon be well and that he will be able to have his cheese again. I’m sure you’re relieved… as will be your bank account.

  2. At least it seems that a tumor has been ruled out at this point. I can’t wait for Jackson to get better and for him to taste some of your fine cooking. All my best.

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