October 30th

Well, my happiness was short lived. Jackson had regurgitated in the night. His bed was soaked and covered with undigested biscuits. I am going to wait until Monday in case it was a one off. I managed to administer the medication. I held him by the scruff of the neck and put the syringe in the corner of his mouth. He does not like the taste but I got most of it down him.

John is back from his shoot. Somewhat grumpy as the vehicle ( an old minibus ) overturned In a ditch. This bus takes the beaters from drive to drive. It was packed full and so it is a miracle that no one was injured. They had to winch it out of the ditch which caused a big delay. Slip was naughty and had to be tied to a screw in the ground to stop her running in before she was supposed to. So, all in all, my husband is not a happy bunny.

We are going out for a meal and then to the 3 horseshoes.

I have put Kim Hargreaves Cherished in my shop. I think this is her best book so far.

Now I must medicate Jackson. Back tomorrow.

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