November 1st

The good news is that Jackson has not regurgitated again and so it is only the once since he came home. Joel, the vet, telephoned me this afternoon to ask how Jackson was doing.He said to only give him small amounts of food at a time  – four times a day. He also asked me to send a copy of Jackson’s pedigree as they are trying to see if there is a particular bloodline that is carrying the gene that causes the problem.

Tomorrow Ian from Designer Yarns is coming to see me with the new Summer ranges for 2011.  It only seems a moment ago that he was here with the Winter one!  John is thinking of going fishing which would be good as it means I can order freely without him tutting and frowning at me. Ian always gives me samples of the new yarns  which I will photograph.

Slip is in big trouble – she stole 4 yorkshire puddings off the bird table – we found her eating them behind a shed!  She likes nothing better than rummaging through the scraps we put out for the birds – potatoes, prawn crackers, carrots, cabbage, rice or spaghetti – she will eat it all.

Now I must go and iron and then I am going to knit. I have finished my first Silk Garden sock and am on the second one.  Back tomorrow

2 thoughts on “November 1st

  1. Phew!I’m so relieved that Jackson hasn’t been sick again.I was going to suggest small amounts of food ( little and often ) but the vet beat me to it.
    Is Slip of Labrador/Retriever descent,as my uncle had a Lab who could open all the cupboards and the fridge in his never-ending quest for food.He also swore that he could read the labels,as only tins of dog food got savaged!
    Furry cuddles from Sue,Sally,Tinkerbell and ShooShoo.
    (The last 3 are girl cats!)

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