November 22nd

Sorry I did not write over the weekend. I had an upset tummy and felt like death!  I do not know what caused it as John and I had eaten the same things and he was fine.  It is better now which is just as well as we take Jackson to the vet again tomorrow.  He telephoned me on Friday to see how Jackson was and I told him he had started to regurgitate more frequently and also that he is tossing his mouth.  He said he was not surprised  as the ballooning usually needs to be done 3 or 4 times.  I am now starting to worry about the cost of all this as my insurance cover is only for £4,800 and so multiple balloonings may exceed this.  I have to leave him there tomorrow for at least two nights – I hate taking him and walking out without him.

I have finished my Silk Garden socks and am going to knit Dublin Bay Socks now!  I am going to use

Kaffe Fassett Landscape Mist

I like the pale colors!

I am expecting some Calmer and Extra Fine Merino from Rowan and the Rowan rep is coming next week to show all!!

I will report back when we have deposited Jackson tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “November 22nd

  1. All the best with Jackson. Hopefully this time will take care of the problem. The vet talks like this is a common problem? “UsuallY needs to be done 3 or 4 times”? I don’t think I’ve heard of this problem before. Do you think it’s something common with the breed.

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