November 23rd

It is 1.00 pm and we are home minus Jackson.  We saw a different student today – Jessica.  She asked lots of questions about Jackson’s regurgitating and then went to examine him.  He was having none of it – hissing and growling.  After a lot of petting, he eventually allowed himself to be removed from his basket.  Jessica felt his throat and said she could feel a stricture.  She explained to me the danger of wet food  and strictures. The wet food builds up in the narrow part of the throat and eventually there is no room for more food to go down and so when the cat eats there is a danger that the food would go down his windpipe and into the lungs and cause pneumonia,   But the dry biscuits are so small that they can slip past the stricture and won’t build up.

Then Joel, the qualified vet, came and said that they would feed Jackson some food with a dye in it and put him in a glass box and a machine ( I can’t remember  the name ) would track the progress of the food down his throat and they can watch on a screen.  That will be done today and then tomorrow they are going to balloon his throat again.  He said it may have to be done as many as five times.  Since it costs $1,100 a time, I am thinking I shall have to go on the streets!!   They will call me later today and tell me what they saw on the screen.

Now I must get on – way behind. I will write again tonight when I have more news.


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