November 23rd Update

Jessica telephoned at 8.30 pm. Jackson flatly refused to eat the biscuits with the radio active material in and so they could not carry out the test! Tomorrow they are going to put a camera down his throat and have a look and balloon him.

She said he was very grumpy and growling but that she understood that he is afraid and stressed and she was going to sit with him for an hour and try to win him round. Also Karla ( the student who looked after him last time) is going to visit him..

And so I feel they are kind and thoughtful. He should be home on Friday.

I was not best pleased when I picked up my knitting tonight. Jackson had attacked it and I had to undo a lot. I hate undoing lace……I am never sure whether it is a stitch or a yarn over. It is OK now and looking good. I will take a photo tomorrow.

Now I am going to sit down. I feel worn out!


2 thoughts on “November 23rd Update

  1. Well, you’ve certainly had a crappy day and I sincerely hope that there were many adult beverages involved. Poor Jackson and how terrible that this is the result of breeding an animal to look so beautiful. I feel so sorry for both of you and thankfully you have insurance.

    We’ve been this route with another animal of ours; different problem but once you get to the critical care specialists it’s incredibly expensive and we have no insurance because we’ve always been a multiple animal household and the odds were against it… until there was a problem of course. I hope everything works out for everyone and that you forgive the little devil for being so destructive….. but he is beautiful…. and he’s yours.

    Tomorrow is another day. Hugs.

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