November 24th

No word from the hospital yet – it is 3.15pm here. I do not really expect a call until after 6 pm.

It is very cold here and snow is forecast – I hate snow!  Jackson has never seen any – I wonder what he will make of it!  John and Kevin are both outside putting their winter tyres on their Land Rovers.


Sock #1 in Kaffe Fassett Landscape Yarn


I rescued my sock from Jackson’s attack on it and, apart from a few loose stitches, it is OK.

I have some Opal Hundertwasser Sparkle sock yarn coming and also some Opal Surprise.  I much prefer the Opal sock yarns to the Noro ones.  They are much softer and have more give in them.

Now I am going to iron and then cook spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner.  I will write more when I have heard from the hospital.

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