November 25th – Second Update

Many thanks for all your messages of support – they mean a lot to me.

As I understand it, the hernia can definitely be cured but the stricture is more of a problem.  It could be that the hernia has caused it, in which case if the hernia is cured, the stricture will not enlarge.  But the stricture could be a separate genetic problem unrelated to the hernia.

Their thinking is…do the ballooning that might push the hernia back. But if no go, then they will do surgery. But it could be that the stricture is caused by a faulty sphincter  ( trap door that shuts the acid off ) and it that case it means ballooning every two months to keep him as comfy as possible.

Obviously, if the ballooning is  for the rest of his life, the cost is horrendous plus putting Jackson through this every two months.  My insurance will only cover one year for an ongoing condition and so I am looking at a large amount if it has to be done for life. Not that it really matters if you all buy some yarn!!

I am going to tell the breeder – I do not blame her, there is no way she could have known but I think she ought to know which cats in the bloodline are common to these problems.

Thanks again for your support and Jackson sends you all a whiskery kiss.

2 thoughts on “November 25th – Second Update

  1. Oh goodness it is very complicated!! Sending more {{HUGS}} for you and a few furry {{hugs}} for Jackson from Truffy, Pepper, Nutmeg and Cadfy.


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