November 25th Update

The outlook for Jackson is not too good.  The vet explained to me that he thinks an operation will be necessary as they could see his hernia clearly when they put the camera down his throat. The hernia is pushing open the trap door that normally stops acid coming out of the stomach and into the throat. Jackson’s trap door is open and so the acid rises and burns his throat. He said that Jackson’s throat was raw and bleeding.  They ballooned him again in the hope that the balloon might push the hernia back but I did not feel they were very hopeful. I have pills and anti acid medicine to give him.  If he regurgitates again, I am to telephone immediately, even if it is only a small amount.  They also said that another Bengal they had treated for the same condition had several of his pedigree in common with Jackson.

He is so pleased to be home – running and playing and now fast asleep in his hammock.  I need to wake him to give him the medicine – not an easy task.

I will write more tomorrow – feeling a bit stressed right now!

5 thoughts on “November 25th Update

  1. Poor, poor Jackson. No wonder he was so unhappy when he would eat! I wish there was an easy way to take care of the problem… give your beautiful boy an extra cuddle from me please!

  2. I’m so sorry. Did the Dr. give you any idea what the chances were that an operation would end his condition? It is so obvious how much you love Jackson and I, for one, appreciate you sharing him with your readers. He is so beautiful. Have you contacted his breeder?

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