November 26th – update

Joel telephoned me at 6.0 pm. He said to see how Jackson is during the weekend. But if he seems lethargic or does not eat, I am to call immediately – day or night. He is eating at the moment and very active……pouncing on Slip and setting up ambush behind the laundry basket. He has just discovered that he can undo the wicker that it is woven from. I can see I shall have to put a new one on my shopping list soon.

So, it is a waiting game. I am undecided whether I should inform the breeder about Jackson. I wonder if a letter from the vet would be better? Thoughts anyone?

Now I am going to watch TV and plan the weekend meals. Back tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “November 26th – update

  1. Is this a genetic problem? That is something they would be interested in for sure……

    If it isn’t genetic, I’m sure they would be interested, for their education if nothing else.

    Unfortunately, pets, children, spouses, our family – do not come with a guarantee — we had one dog who seemed to have a lot of issues – cost us a lot in emotions as well as money – I felt that he was sent to us because we would take care of him — I’m really glad Jackson has you.

  2. I would request a letter from the vet that you could send to the breeder along with a cover letter from you. This breeder needs to know that he/she is breeding and selling “genetically-defective” cats to unsuspecting buyers. Personally, I think the breeder should pay for the surgery to correct Jackson’s hernia.

    Mary, Queen of Oil

  3. I think I agree with Mary G. If the breeder knows this problem is recurring with the progeny of Jackson’s parents then why is she still breeding them. Surely this doesn’t happen with all Bengals? This problem is very upsetting for the animal and the owners aside from being very costly. I’m really sorry you’re going through all this misery.

  4. I have to say I agree with Mary G too!! I do think the breeder should bear some responsibilty for this and certainly should be informed – a letter from the veterinary hospital would carry more weight I think.

    I wonder if there is anyone else who might help out too? When we got our two recent kittens from Cats Protection we were told that if either turned out to have any serious health problems, that they had funds to help us with that. Maybe they can help even if you didn’t get Jackson from them – maybe worth a try.


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