November 27th


Jackson in his Sleeping Bag


I could not find Jackson this morning. I was about to start vacuuming and so wanted to know where he was.  Suddenly I found him in one of his sleeping bags. I had put it on the floor near the fire to air and he had found it and tucked himself in!  He has not regurgitated today. I looked on the internet about strictures and now wish I had not – I found this:

“Once a stricture forms, the prognosis is poor. The stricture can be widened using instruments designed for this purpose, but the narrowing usually recurs. In some cases, a stomach tube can be placed. This tube bypasses the esophagus and leads directly into the stomach. Feeding can be accomplished through this tube. Some cats have been known to tolerate a stomach tube for several months with no complications. This is a temporary measure, of course, designed to give you extra time with your cat. Ultimately, if the stricture cannot be widened enough so that food can pass through the esophagus into the stomach, the cat cannot survive and will need to be put to sleep.”

I am going to ask the vet to write to the breeder.   I think the connection between Jackson and the other Bengal who had the same problem, was far back in their blood line. They did not have parents or even grandparents in common – further back than that.  I do vaguely remember signing a disclaimer that the breeder is only responsible for any illnesses that occur within one month of purchase – I will see if I can find my own copy of it.  I don’t want any money back – I just don’t want there to be other Jacksons suffering.

On a brighter note – I bought some new boots today.


Russia boot with sheepskin lining.


There was 20% off everything in a local department store and so I took advantage!

John and Slip are out shooting – rather them than me as it is very cold here.  We are going out to eat tonight and tomorrow I am cooking Hungarian Goulash followed by apple and toffee steamed pudding!  I will write more tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “November 27th

  1. Great boots! I’m always impressed with your cooking and certainly feel my attempts are somewhat less glamorous.

    Very bad news about Jackson but am hoping his situation is a bit different. Don’t give up hope yet. Even if the parents etc. were different I think the breeder might have pointed out things that may go wrong with this breed. Making someone sign a disclaimer without knowing the facts doesn’t completely let them off the hook as far as I’m concerned. This is all just heartbreaking.

    That little sleeping bag looks very comforting..

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