November 28th

Jackson has regurgitated twice since I last wrote. Once last night and once this afternoon. He has slept all day……no naughty ambushes or curtain climbing. So I shall call Joel tomorrow.

I made the goulash and it was nice. We had it with rice and dark cabbage. I do like cooking and wish I had time to do more.

Tomorrow the Rowan rep is coming. I do like seeing the new yarns and also getting to know what is being discontinued. I think Pima Cotton might go but that could just be because I have not sold much of it! Same goes for Lenpur Linen.

My socks are coming along. I have nearly finished the first one. In fact I shall finish it tonight.

One thought on “November 28th

  1. So sad to hear about Jackson.You have done everything u can to help him and I pray so much that this operation will be successful and put things right for him. Give him an extra hug from me. I’ve so enjoyed watching him grow via your photos and blogs.

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