November 30th

Sorry I did not write yesterday.  Jackson regurgitated again and so I telephoned Joel.  He was away yesterday on a course but has just called me.  He says that he thinks surgery is the best option and has gone away to discuss it with the head feline surgeon and will call me back later today.   Jackson is not eating much – I suppose it hurts him to swallow. Also his coat is looking *starey” – not its usual sleek self.

The Rowan rep came yesterday and showed me the new yarns and books.  There is a lot of lace – not with thin yarns but with DK. creating holey garments – and stripes and heavy cables.  For the Kidsilk Haze fanatics there are some very pretty summery sweaters – delicate and ultra feminine.  Those of you who collect shade cards will be pleased to hear that they are still being produced with snippets of real yarn rather than photos.  Amy Butler has a new pattern book too.

Now I must go and pack the last of the parcels.  I will write more when I have heard from Joel again.

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