November 30th. Update

Joel called me an hour ago and he wants us to take Jackson in tomorrow for the feline surgeon to see and decide what to do. He said he would have to stay overnight.

So I have got his basket ready with his favourite mouse and will put a hot water bottle in just before we leave. We have to be there at 11am and so I shall have time to pack before we go.

Jackson’s fur is starting to regrow where he was shaved and now they will cut it all off again. It seems so unfair that he is so young and has to go through all these test and procedures. Oh well! Maybe I will know something more concrete by this time tomorrow.

Back as soon as I have any news.


4 thoughts on “November 30th. Update

  1. Ups – don’t know why that link ended up in my message – well, nevermind – the most important thing is – I wish your little Jackson gets well soon.

    Hugs to you all…

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