November 26th


Jackson on his cat tree this morning


Well, my hopes for Jackson were short-lived.  He regurgitated about half an hour ago. I have telephoned the veterinary hospital and am waiting for the vet to call me back as he was with a client.  You can see where Jackson’s leg has been shaved in the photo. His pen is behind him with his elevated bowl for food fixed to the mesh of the cage so that he is upright when eating.

It is very cold here but sunny. John is shooting tomorrow and so we would not be able to take Jackson to the hospital as his basket will not fit into my car.  So I expect we will have to go on Monday.   I will write more when I have spoken to the vet.

November 25th – Second Update

Many thanks for all your messages of support – they mean a lot to me.

As I understand it, the hernia can definitely be cured but the stricture is more of a problem.  It could be that the hernia has caused it, in which case if the hernia is cured, the stricture will not enlarge.  But the stricture could be a separate genetic problem unrelated to the hernia.

Their thinking is…do the ballooning that might push the hernia back. But if no go, then they will do surgery. But it could be that the stricture is caused by a faulty sphincter  ( trap door that shuts the acid off ) and it that case it means ballooning every two months to keep him as comfy as possible.

Obviously, if the ballooning is  for the rest of his life, the cost is horrendous plus putting Jackson through this every two months.  My insurance will only cover one year for an ongoing condition and so I am looking at a large amount if it has to be done for life. Not that it really matters if you all buy some yarn!!

I am going to tell the breeder – I do not blame her, there is no way she could have known but I think she ought to know which cats in the bloodline are common to these problems.

Thanks again for your support and Jackson sends you all a whiskery kiss.

November 25th Update

The outlook for Jackson is not too good.  The vet explained to me that he thinks an operation will be necessary as they could see his hernia clearly when they put the camera down his throat. The hernia is pushing open the trap door that normally stops acid coming out of the stomach and into the throat. Jackson’s trap door is open and so the acid rises and burns his throat. He said that Jackson’s throat was raw and bleeding.  They ballooned him again in the hope that the balloon might push the hernia back but I did not feel they were very hopeful. I have pills and anti acid medicine to give him.  If he regurgitates again, I am to telephone immediately, even if it is only a small amount.  They also said that another Bengal they had treated for the same condition had several of his pedigree in common with Jackson.

He is so pleased to be home – running and playing and now fast asleep in his hammock.  I need to wake him to give him the medicine – not an easy task.

I will write more tomorrow – feeling a bit stressed right now!

November 24th

No word from the hospital yet – it is 3.15pm here. I do not really expect a call until after 6 pm.

It is very cold here and snow is forecast – I hate snow!  Jackson has never seen any – I wonder what he will make of it!  John and Kevin are both outside putting their winter tyres on their Land Rovers.


Sock #1 in Kaffe Fassett Landscape Yarn


I rescued my sock from Jackson’s attack on it and, apart from a few loose stitches, it is OK.

I have some Opal Hundertwasser Sparkle sock yarn coming and also some Opal Surprise.  I much prefer the Opal sock yarns to the Noro ones.  They are much softer and have more give in them.

Now I am going to iron and then cook spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner.  I will write more when I have heard from the hospital.