November 17th

Today has been most frustrating. My email has been down all day due to a nation wide outage of my service provider. It has come back now but it means I have been twiddling my thumbs all day and now I have masses to do and I wanted to finish my sock!

Jackson was very bad last night – totally out of control. Chasing round the house and trying to bite me when I tried to calm him down. I put him in his pen in the end. I let him out after about half an hour and he was as sweet as pie!  He is quite frightening when he gets in these wild moods – his eyes flash and he runs about yelling at the top of his voice.  Slip goes and sits very close to John!

Now I must tackle this mountain of emails – I will write more tomorrow.


November 11th

Today has not been good. We have been without electricity from 10.30 am until 3.45pm today. This was due to maintenance of the electricity pylons. It was a very wet and windy day and so we lit the wood burning fire. Come lunchtime John decides we can heat some soup on the top of the fire. Not a good idea! Jackson was very interested in the saucepan and succeeded in tipping it over. Carrot and Butterbean soup went everywhere and I had no hot water to mop it up with.

I could not use my Mac, print or weigh my parcels. We packed the parcels by torch light! When the power came back on, I had just 15 minutes to print labels, weight the parcels and type and print the postage docket before the postman came to collect. What a rush!

I have some info on what is coming from Rowan for the Spring including photos. I will post them on here tomorrow.

Jackson seems fine – chasing a fly at the moment. Now I am going to have a bath and get warm.

November 9 th

I spoke with the Vet and have been told to wait until the end of the week and see how it goes. Jackson has not regurgitated again. The vet did say that a few regurgitations are not unusual. He is definitely more lively and spent the morning in pursuit of a spider in the bathroom!

I have some Debbie Abrahams beads coming this week and also some old Kaffe Fassett patterns. The Rowan rep is coming on 29th of this month to show me the new Spring yarns and books.

I have nearly finished my second sock. I wound the Silk Garden so that the colors would be the same for each sock.

Now I am going to play ball with Jackson and, hopefully, tire him out.

November 7th


Raspberry and Hazelnut Pavlova


Here is my Pavlova!  I have filled it with whipped cream with brandy and piled the raspberries and hazelnuts on top. There are also hazelnuts in the meringue!

We went out to dinner and had Chinese. I had deep-fried soft-shelled crabs with chillis and spring onions to start with and John had chicken satay. Then I had a whole lobster with spring onions and ginger on a bed of noodles and John had roast port with honey and sesame seeds.  My lobster came complete with head ( I did not eat this) and it had been cracked and so was easy to eat. I also was given crackers for the claws and crab picks to get the meat out with.  It was all very nice and I enjoyed it.


Jackson and Slip enjoying the sun


This is a photo I took just now. Jackson and Slip are lying by the patio door in the sun. Slip is keeping a wary eye on Jackson in case he mounts an assault!  He is brighter today and has not regurgitated. I may give him a small ( and I do mean small) piece of roast beef as a treat. I shall call the vet tomorrow and see what he says.

Now I must away to my oven and put the Yorkshire puddings in!  Back tomorrow.

November 6th

Sorry I have not written – I have been busy with one thing and another.

Jackson was sick again today and so I shall call the vet on Monday and they will ask me to take him in again.  He seems quite  bright today but obviously the problem is not cured.  I eel mean just feeding him biscuits – it must be boring for him but he eats them!  Slip’s tail is not better, it is still droopy. If it doesn’t go, we will have to take her to our regular vet.

We are going out to eat tonight – Chinese I think.  Tomorrow we are hiving roast beef and I have just made a raspberry and hazelnut Pavlova. Well, I have made the Pavlova but shall not fill it until tomorrow or it will go soggy.

My nephew and his wife are divorcing which is sad. They have two children aged 16 and 14.  There is no one else involved as far as I know. They live in Scotland and Paul is a commercial pilot. In fact he comes to Stansted airport near me every night and flies the Royal Mail cargo up to Scotland – it is quite likely that some of my parcels are on his flights!   They had a lovely wedding here in Edinburgh.

Now I must go and clip Jackson’s claws in case he mounts an assault on Slip – heaven forbid he scratches her!  Back tomorrow with a photo of my Pavlova!

November 3rd


Noro Aya


This is Aya, a new Noro yarn for Spring 2011.  It is 50% cotton, 35% silk and 15% wool.  There are 140 yards per 50g ball and it knits on US #5 – #7 needles. It has a light feel to it  – rather like cotton cashmere.

Jackson is not too good today. He has not regurgitated but is so lifeless. He got up at 7.30 am and went straight to an arm-chair and slept until 1.30pm and he only woke up then because I started vacuuming.  He is eating his biscuit but he is definitely not himself. The vet says to give it a day or two more and see how he goes. Slip has cold water tail – a condition that is caused by swimming in cold water. Her tail is droopy!  It will wear off in 2 or 3 days. Honestly, these animals are worse than children!

I am expecting some Debbie Bliss Andes tomorrow – I decided to stock it as lots of people have been asking me for it.

Now I must go and make dinner – Chilli Prawn linguine which I am making from scratch and so I had better get cracking!