December 31

Sorry not to have written. The hard disc on my iMac has failed and so I am having to use my laptop and iPad. It is much slower and most inconvenient. I shall have to buy a new one as I can’t spare the time to send it away and have a new disc installed

Jackson seems a bit better. He has not regurgitated anymore and seems lively. We let him out in the garden for a little while and he had a great time chasing leaves.

We are going out for a drink tonight. I expect it will be bedlam. There is a disco!  We went out for a meal last night and it was awful. John had a Sole and it was still pink inside and so he sent it back. By the time it reappeared the veggies were cold and so they went back. When they returned, the fish was cold. No apologies or anything off the bill. John was not a happy bunny.

I have put two shades of felted tweed in my shop at a reduced price. Please all buy something. I need pennies for the iMac!!  Back tomorrow. Happy New Year. J xx

December 28th


Jackson in his hammock


Here is Jackson in his hammock. You can see his shaved tummy – the fur is growing back slowly.  You can also see that he has regurgitated in his sleep – look above his head.  He had just woken up when I took this photo this afternoon.  The hammock is now in the washing machine.  He is still lively and playing but is gulping a lot.  He eats his medicinal sardines but oh so slowly – twenty minutes or more to eat a dessert spoon sized portion.

John and Slip have been out shooting all day and they are also going tomorrow.  I had over 40 parcels to pack today – it is hard work single handed. Because it is so cold, the stamps, customs labels and address labels do not stick well and so I have to put tape over them all – it takes ages when your hands are so cold that you can hardly manipulate the scissors!

I am hoping my Addi delivery will come tomorrow.  Rowan are not back until 4th January and so no deliveries from them for a while.

We are going out for a drink now – then back to watch the football.  Back tomorrow.

December 26th


Jackson showing off his whiskers and his glitter


I took this photo of Jackson this morning – he turned away just as I clicked the shutter but he said that I am to use it anyway as it shows his whiskers and the glitter on his head!  He is back to eating sardines – I think the secret is to give a very small portion at a time.  No regurgitations but he is still tossing his head as if there is a nasty taste in his mouth.

Today I made a curry with some venison fillet that we had in the freezer.  I did not have any tinned tomatoes and so had to puree fresh ones – I was worried it would not work but it was fine.

Tomorrow we are going shopping to buy me a new digital camera. At the moment I am using my iPhone to take photos and, altho’ it works fairly well, there is very little control – just point and click!

It is still snowy here and cold – I have not driven for over a week now.  John is shooting on Tuesday and Wednesday and so I hope I will be able to get up the drive then. I can go to the sales and buy things whilst he is out!!

Back tomorrow.

December 25th

First, Happy Christmas to everyone!!  I hope you all received what you wished for!  Jackson forgot to draw a name out of the hat last night – he is a bad cat!  The answer to the question was Kidsilk Haze – Purple Haze by Jimmi Hendrix!!  And, Jackson has got his act together and drawn a winner…it is….Linda (  Linda, please send me your address and your prize will be on its way to you.

Jackson has gone off the sardines!  I think he has sussed out the medicine in them and so I shall have to try something else.  My larder is groaning with tins of sardines – Slip will have to eat them.  Jackson is being naughty today. I have 2 vases of lilies. Lilies are poisonous to cats and so I have one vase in the bathroom and one in our bedroom.  The one in the bathroom is high up and he cannot reach it and he is not allowed in the bedroom.  He opened the bedroom door today and saw the lilies and made a bee line for them  I shut him out and also shut the door of my office as it leads to the bedroom door.  Undaunted he opened both doors and found the lilies.  As fast as I remove him and shut the doors, he re-opens them!! I shall have to find a new home for the lilies.

I am cooking roast grouse and shall sit them on rounds of bread that I have fried in olive oil and garlic. Roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and honey glazed parsnips to go with the grouse.  I am also cooking a pheasant for Slip.

I have sent John out to do an inventory of all Addi needles – that should keep him occupied for some time!  I have sets of Addi Turbo, Addi Lace and Addi Bamboo on their way to me.

Now its back to the kitchen!!  Don’t eat too much!

December 23rd

Bad start to the day.  When I went to let Jackson out of his pen at 7.30 this morning, he had regurgitated. It must only have just happened as the little heap of biscuits and bile were still very wet.  I had to wash his bed and the blanket that lines his pen.  He has had two helpings of sardines so far and eaten them and so he is getting the medicines.  I am not going to contact the vet until after the holiday unless he appears to be getting worse.

My digital camera has gone wrong – the power on button is stuck down and when I press it, it does not jump up and switch the camera off.  I have had it a long time and so maybe it is time for a new one.  Meanwhile, I will have to try to photograph the yarn with my iPhone! Back later.