December 22nd


Jackson this morning


The sardines have been a great success. I can mix both the crushed tablets and the liquid medicines in with them and Jackson eats it all.  It is so much easier than wrestling with  him and not upsetting. I am waiting for John to come back and take me shopping and I shall buy lots of tins of sardines!!

It is still snowy here and I cannot drive.  Shopping is a bit of a nightmare as the car parks are all full with people queuing for spaces. John is going to drop me outside the back entrance of the supermarket and I can walk round to the front and he will drive about until I call him to come and pick me up.  We waited half an hour to get a parking space yesterday and so are not going to even try today.  Back later.


4 thoughts on “December 22nd

  1. I hope the op will be a turning point for Jackson. He’s been through the mill and so have YOU! He’s so lucky to have such a caring ‘mum’ Yipee for sardines! I will always think of Jackson when we have sardines on toast in future!

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