December 23rd

Bad start to the day.  When I went to let Jackson out of his pen at 7.30 this morning, he had regurgitated. It must only have just happened as the little heap of biscuits and bile were still very wet.  I had to wash his bed and the blanket that lines his pen.  He has had two helpings of sardines so far and eaten them and so he is getting the medicines.  I am not going to contact the vet until after the holiday unless he appears to be getting worse.

My digital camera has gone wrong – the power on button is stuck down and when I press it, it does not jump up and switch the camera off.  I have had it a long time and so maybe it is time for a new one.  Meanwhile, I will have to try to photograph the yarn with my iPhone! Back later.


5 thoughts on “December 23rd

  1. Sorry to hear about Jackson 😦 But every cat regurgitates sometimes, so it mustn’t necessarily be a bad sign. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas Jannette!

  2. Oh no, not again. I’m wondering, as Sue mentioned the sardines, if perhaps it was just too potent a cocktail and Jackson brought it up because of a tummy upset. One can hope. Can you give a bit of a break between pills etc? Sardines are pretty rich so maybe it was just a reaction to that. I sure hope so. I hope tomorrow goes a little better for everyone.

  3. Oh dear, let’s hope this is just a blip. He may just be sick just as some adults are sick after an operation on the digestive system. Fingers crossed x he’ll be fully recovered soon.

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