December 26th


Jackson showing off his whiskers and his glitter


I took this photo of Jackson this morning – he turned away just as I clicked the shutter but he said that I am to use it anyway as it shows his whiskers and the glitter on his head!  He is back to eating sardines – I think the secret is to give a very small portion at a time.  No regurgitations but he is still tossing his head as if there is a nasty taste in his mouth.

Today I made a curry with some venison fillet that we had in the freezer.  I did not have any tinned tomatoes and so had to puree fresh ones – I was worried it would not work but it was fine.

Tomorrow we are going shopping to buy me a new digital camera. At the moment I am using my iPhone to take photos and, altho’ it works fairly well, there is very little control – just point and click!

It is still snowy here and cold – I have not driven for over a week now.  John is shooting on Tuesday and Wednesday and so I hope I will be able to get up the drive then. I can go to the sales and buy things whilst he is out!!

Back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “December 26th

  1. Jackson looks sooo handsome! The ice/snow is melting up north,today, as it has been raining but that makes it very slushy so some care is needed and a gentle reminder to spouse not to trail the dirty slush up the hall carpet! Grrr.

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