December 28th


Jackson in his hammock


Here is Jackson in his hammock. You can see his shaved tummy – the fur is growing back slowly.  You can also see that he has regurgitated in his sleep – look above his head.  He had just woken up when I took this photo this afternoon.  The hammock is now in the washing machine.  He is still lively and playing but is gulping a lot.  He eats his medicinal sardines but oh so slowly – twenty minutes or more to eat a dessert spoon sized portion.

John and Slip have been out shooting all day and they are also going tomorrow.  I had over 40 parcels to pack today – it is hard work single handed. Because it is so cold, the stamps, customs labels and address labels do not stick well and so I have to put tape over them all – it takes ages when your hands are so cold that you can hardly manipulate the scissors!

I am hoping my Addi delivery will come tomorrow.  Rowan are not back until 4th January and so no deliveries from them for a while.

We are going out for a drink now – then back to watch the football.  Back tomorrow.


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