December 31

Sorry not to have written. The hard disc on my iMac has failed and so I am having to use my laptop and iPad. It is much slower and most inconvenient. I shall have to buy a new one as I can’t spare the time to send it away and have a new disc installed

Jackson seems a bit better. He has not regurgitated anymore and seems lively. We let him out in the garden for a little while and he had a great time chasing leaves.

We are going out for a drink tonight. I expect it will be bedlam. There is a disco!  We went out for a meal last night and it was awful. John had a Sole and it was still pink inside and so he sent it back. By the time it reappeared the veggies were cold and so they went back. When they returned, the fish was cold. No apologies or anything off the bill. John was not a happy bunny.

I have put two shades of felted tweed in my shop at a reduced price. Please all buy something. I need pennies for the iMac!!  Back tomorrow. Happy New Year. J xx


3 thoughts on “December 31

  1. A very Happy New Year to you and may 2011 bring good health and cheer to your family. May Jackson especially heal and be back to his old self. I hope the medications are going a bit easier.

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