January 31st



Desert from the Rowan Savannah Collection


The new Rowan yarn and books arrived today.  I was not expecting them until tomorrow and so had not paved the way with John.  However, apart from a few grumbles about all the books, he was not too bad.

Some shades of Panama are delayed as is the Cotton Classics book.  I like both Panama and Savannah and will take photos of a ball of each shade tomorrow.

Jackson seems OK today – perhaps I should not have given him a sliver of pheasant on Saturday!!

Now I must dash as I am so far behind – it took ages to unpack everything and find homes for it all.

January 30th

Summer Berry Flan

Bad news.  Jackson had regurgitated during the night. He sleeping bag was covered with undigested biscuits. There was so much that he had taken refuge in his litter tray rather than lay on the sticky mess. Just when I thought he was getting better, it seems it is not so. I will see how he goes. He is not so perky today either.

I have put the new Rowan Panama and Savannah in my store – I will not actually receive it until Tuesday but there will be so much to do and so I thought I would get some of it out of the way,

We are just about to eat lunch – I made the Summer Berry  flan and topped it with toasted hazelnuts!

Back tomorrow!

January 29th


Jackson playing with his activity board


Jackson seems to be getting better by the day. No regurgitating and his coat is back to its full beauty.  He has been playing with his activity board. I put tiny pieces of cheese in the slots, holes and pots and he fishes them out and eats them. He gets so annoyed if he cannot get a piece out – yells and mutters to himself.  John and Slip are out shooting – rather them than me, it is so cold today.


Headland from Rowan Cotton Classics


Loads of new Debbie Bliss arrived yesterday. John was here but he was not too bad about it. I dread the Rowan coming on Tuesday as there will be at least 6 – 8 boxes.

We are going out to eat tonight at the 3 Willows – I hope there will be some crabs!  Tomorrow I am cooking Roast Chicken and I am going to make a Summer Berry Flan.  Now I must go and cook a pheasant for Slip tonight – she will be hungry when she gets home!

January 26th

Carob from the Rowan Panama Collection

John and I have been pouring over details of houses. No luck so far – they are either too big, not enough land, not remote enough or in need of too much renovation!  But we shall keep looking.
I have put the new Rowan Purelife Classics in my store – I shall not receive them until February 1st but you can pre-order if you wish.
I will put more of the new books in tomorrow. This way it saves me a Herculean task on the Ist when it all arrives!
I received the final settlement details from Jackson’s insurance company today and it is not as bad as I thought. It ends up that I will have to make up a shortfall of £112 ( about $180 ). Full cover starts again on March 4th and so I have told him not to dare to need any veterinary attention until after then!  He seems a lot better each day – I have bought him a bouncy ball today – he flies around after it.  I will take some photos.
Now it is time to watch the football and have a rest. Back tomorrow

January 24th

Jackson has been a bad boy! He managed to squeeze into the space behind a kitchen drawer that I had left open.  I could not get  him out and so had to empty the drawer and take it right out so that he could escape.  He has excellent balance and can walk along the wire edge of his pen – he holds on with his rear paws by spreading the toes wide and curling them around the top of the wire!
Slip is still in mother to be mode – carrying Jackson’s toys around with her and eating for an army. She had a whole roast pheasant for dinner and was still looking for more!
My printer has been playing up – very slow to start printing – I searched for help on the internet and found that it could be my router interfering with the wireless signal from the printer to the computer. So I moved the router and it is fine now!
No other news – I am hoping some of the new Noro might come this week – preferably when John is out!! Back tomorrow.