January 20th


Jackson giving his cat tree socks!


Jackson loves sharpening his claws on his cat tree!  You can see the fur is re-growing  on his tummy.   He has not regurgitated today and seems a bit more lively.

Slip is either pregnant or having a false one!!  No, it is exceedingly unlikely that she is pregnant. But her bosoms are very large and the nipples are pronounced. Also she is hoarding soft toys in her basket.  Jackson hopes there will be some milk!!  She does not appear to be in any discomfort but if we are not happy we shall take her to the vet.  Our last Labrador always had false pregnancies – maybe they are prone to them?!

Nothing new on the yarn front today.  I am going to put some kits together to knit some of the Alice Starmore designs in Tudor Roses with the original yarns.   I will try to do them tomorrow.  Back then!



2 thoughts on “January 20th

  1. Aw, its nice to see Jackson looking happy and playful. What if Slip really IS pregnant? That will throw the cat amongst the puppies, heehee!

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