January 23rd


Brandy Snap Baskets


Sorry I deserted you for a day or two.  I have been busy and feeling a bit jaded. Sometimes it is hard to enthuse over balls of yarn day after day!

I have been baking.  I made the brandy snap baskets in the photo yesterday and have just filled them with whipped cream mixed with raspberries, blackberries and black and red currants. Then I sprinkled toasted almond flakes on top!  They are for John’s dessert today. We are having beef goulash for the main course – hot and spicy!

Jackson seems a little better. He has been having great fun chasing a fly, He can jump 6 foot from a standing start – even John was impressed!  He has not regurgitated again. Slip’s bosoms are filling up – she needs an 8 cup bra! She is definitely not pregnant – no chance!  I found 3 of Jackson’s toy mice in her basket this morning.

Nothing much new on the yarn front – I am expecting some discontinued Felted Tweed from Rowan but that is about it until all the new yarns come on February 1st.

Off to stir my goulash – back tomorrow


2 thoughts on “January 23rd

  1. I keep having a very strange vision of Slip in her foundation garment… How sweet to be rounding up all her dollies.

    That dessert looks just fab. Wish I lived closer so I could invite myself over.

    And how can one be jaded by wool???? Are you okay? Time for a little vacation to Jamaica again methinks.

  2. Your culinary talents are extraordinary; they make me feel so inadequate in the kitchen! I wish I could reach through the computer and grab one (or two) of those little baskets.

    Mary, Queen of Oil

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