January 26th

Carob from the Rowan Panama Collection

John and I have been pouring over details of houses. No luck so far – they are either too big, not enough land, not remote enough or in need of too much renovation!  But we shall keep looking.
I have put the new Rowan Purelife Classics in my store – I shall not receive them until February 1st but you can pre-order if you wish.
I will put more of the new books in tomorrow. This way it saves me a Herculean task on the Ist when it all arrives!
I received the final settlement details from Jackson’s insurance company today and it is not as bad as I thought. It ends up that I will have to make up a shortfall of £112 ( about $180 ). Full cover starts again on March 4th and so I have told him not to dare to need any veterinary attention until after then!  He seems a lot better each day – I have bought him a bouncy ball today – he flies around after it.  I will take some photos.
Now it is time to watch the football and have a rest. Back tomorrow


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