January 29th


Jackson playing with his activity board


Jackson seems to be getting better by the day. No regurgitating and his coat is back to its full beauty.  He has been playing with his activity board. I put tiny pieces of cheese in the slots, holes and pots and he fishes them out and eats them. He gets so annoyed if he cannot get a piece out – yells and mutters to himself.  John and Slip are out shooting – rather them than me, it is so cold today.


Headland from Rowan Cotton Classics


Loads of new Debbie Bliss arrived yesterday. John was here but he was not too bad about it. I dread the Rowan coming on Tuesday as there will be at least 6 – 8 boxes.

We are going out to eat tonight at the 3 Willows – I hope there will be some crabs!  Tomorrow I am cooking Roast Chicken and I am going to make a Summer Berry Flan.  Now I must go and cook a pheasant for Slip tonight – she will be hungry when she gets home!


2 thoughts on “January 29th

  1. Oh pleaseohpleaseohplease could we have a video of Jackson playing with his activity center? I would love to hear the sound effects– so glad he is feeling better!

  2. He looks like a young teen doing his technology homework! So cute! Considering what he has been through, he is doing really well.

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