January 18th


Noro Flowers Book 2


Jackson spent a little while in the garden today and he ate a lot of grass.  He then had a game of chase with Slip and was then sick!  This was proper vomiting from deep in his tummy.  It was bright yellow fluid – no food.  It does not seem to distress him as he carried on playing with Slip as if nothing had happened.  I tried to telephone the breeder today but she is in Thailand on holiday. I spoke to her assistant who was very interested in all that Jackson has been through. She said that she had never encountered this before in any of Jill’s Bengals and promised to get Jill to call me on her return from Thailand.

Noro Flowers 2 arrived today – I have not had chance to look at it or put it in my shop but I will do so tomorrow.  Yesterday I sent a box by DHL to a customer in Temple, California.  It was collected from my house at 1.30pm and I can see on the DHL tracking site that it is now out for delivery – less than 36 hours from when it left me!

We are going out for a drink now – just a quickie!  Back tomorrow.


January 17th

Rowan Studio 22

Sheer from Rowan Studio 22

Rowan Studio 22 has just arrived.  The designs are really different.  Lots of Kidsilk Haze combined with other yarns!

Giving the pork to Jackson proved to be a big mistake. He ate a small piece ( no bigger than a little finger nail ) and immediately started to scream, and I do mean scream.  He was pawing at his throat and yelling – a wild sort of cry.  I grabbed him and rubbed his throat and the piece of pork must have gone down.  He was very quiet for the rest of the evening. I have put him back on biscuits. He regurgitated in his hammock earlier this afternoon — biscuits.  I have washed the hammock and it is back in situ.  I heard from the insurance company and they have paid the university for the first bill and there is another one in the pipeline.  I don’t think I will have enough left on my policy to cover it completely.  The policy renews in March and then I have £4,000 to spend again!

It has rained all day and hardly got light – very depressing. I see the snowdrops are up – perhaps Spring will come soon!  Back tomorrow.

January 16th


Jackson in his hammock last night


Jackson escaped into the garden this morning and ate some grass.  Half an hour later, he was sick.  But this is not like his regurgitating – when he regurgitates it comes up with no effort or heaving.  I think this morning’s episode was just like Slip being sick when she eats grass.  I am going to give Jackson a small portion of roast pork today and see if he likes it.

Nothing very exciting to report. We did not go out to eat last night but did go out for a drink.  I don’t know why we go really as the wine is not nearly as nice as that which I have at home!!

I am cooking roast pork with roast potatoes, butternut squash, brussels sprouts with chestnuts and peas. Oh, and Yorkshire puddings!  Then for dessert, I have whipped some cream with raspberries, blackberries and black currants and sandwiched rounds of shortbread with it.Back tomorrow


January 14th

Jackson is not so good today. He has not regurgitated but he seems lifeless and has slept all day. His coat looks dreadful – the fur is sticking up and not its usual sleek self. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to put him through more treatments but I can’t watch him slip away before my eyes.

John and I are now wondering if the digestive problems that Bengals seem to suffer from are because their digestive systems are not really suited to refined food.  In the wild their ancestors would eat raw meat, bones, feathers and skin.  We are going to catch a rabbit and give him some of it raw.   I am beginning to think it is wrong to “man make” breeds from wild animals.

Anyhow, enough of my moaning!  I had a large delivery of Addi Turbo needles today including more sets of interchangeable lace ones.  I will put all the single circular ones in my store tomorrow – they are mostly small sizes ranging from 2.25mm – 5mm.

I have just realised it is only just over 2 weeks until all the Spring yarns will arrive. I must try to make some room – I seem to remember ordering rather a lot!  When you order it, it does not seem much, but when it arrives, it is daunting.

I am going in the bath now as we are going out for a quick drink.  Back tomorrow

January 12th


Edge to Edge Bergère de France Coat


I received my Bergère de France pattern order today. I do like their designs especially this coat.

I have added more items to the Rowan Sale list and still have a few more to do. It is time consuming…….and boring!!

We are going out for a drink now  – I hope it will be less busy tonight.  I will write more tomorrow when I have more time.

January 11th

Just a really quick note tonight to say that I have put the Rowan sale list in my store.  They are to order only and the easiest way to do this is for you to email me with your wants, I will then check the availability before taking payment. This way we will avoid refunds if things have sold out.  I do have a few more items to add and I will do them tomorrow.  Back then

January 10th


Lovely Jeans

Sweaters in Filatura Lovely Jeans


John and I have been discussing the possibility of moving!  We would like more land and more outbuildings for yarn storage. Somewhere quite remote so that I could let Jackson out without worry. We would really like a watermill with a stream but I think it will be hard to find. It does not matter where I live geographically as Rowan will deliver just the same.  Altho’ our house is surrounded by fields, the area is getting more and more built up. So we are going to look!

I got a check from Petplan for the payments I had made to our local vet for Jackson’s early treatment before he was referred to the university. Petplan will pay their LARGE bill directly.

I went grocery shopping this morning and went to the library. I love libraries and could happily spend all day there.  I download samples of books from the iTunes bookstore and then, if I think I would like to read the whole book, I order it from the library!  For free!

I am expecting a Rowan delivery – mostly Silky Tweed and some Silk Wool DK – reduced prices!

Now I am going to knit my sock  and play with Jackson. We have tied some feathers on a long string and he thinks it is the greatest!  Back tomorrow.