February 28th

Jackson has been a very bad boy.  I let him out into the garden yesterday and he had a fine time climbing trees and playing chase with Slip.  He did not attempt to go out of the confines of the garden and so I stopped being a mother hen and left him to it.  He came in for a sleep whilst we had lunch and then I let him out again.  I saw him sitting on the garden wall and then, the next time I looked, there was no sign.  I sent Slip to look for him and she sussed out the laurel bushes and fir trees – no Jackson.  I called and heard a very faint meow coming from far away.

I walked to the bottom of the garden and could see him – a small speck on the horizon!  Our garden is fenced with square mesh with 3 strands of barbed wire on top – this is because a farmer used to keep sheep in the field below and it was to stop them getting into our garden.  There are wooden posts every so often and Jackson must have jumped up onto one and then jumped down into the field.  The only way into the field is through gate which was a long way from where Jackson had jumped over.  So I had to walk to the gate ( our garden is one acre in size) then back again on the other side of the fence until I was opposite Jackson and then down the field to where he was.

He was in a wild mood and every time I got within an arm’s length, he ran off again!  I tried to funnel him towards the gate and nearly got him there when a car went by! That frightened him and he was off again!  Eventually I managed to grab him and carried him home. He was exhausted and went to sleep immediately!  He has not been out today because it has rained non-stop!

No deliveries today apart from Rowan Panama in Dahlia which had been delayed.  I am going to have a sort out of all my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – I have a lot of it and must do some pruning!  Back tomorrow!

February 25th

I have put the Louisa Harding Ondine in my store – I like this yarn very much, it is soft and the colors are lovely.  Another big box arrived this afternoon – it was the Noro Aya, new colors of Sekku and Taiyo and the new World of Nature. I was not expecting this new Noro to come before March and so had to find homes for it. Luckily John was out pigeon shooting and so I have managed to distribute it amongst existing stock!!

Jackson has been out in the garden again – he likes to hide in the laurel bushes and spring out at any passing birds. He yells at the top of his voice when he does this – he will never catch anything!!  I am going to show him the cat flap – it is locked at the moment – at the moment we have to leave the patio door  open for him to come in and out of.

Nothing special happening this weekend – but we are going to the seaside again next week in pursuit of fish once more!!  Back tomorrow

February 24th


Jackson reading John's Fishing Magazine



Sorry I have not written – I don’t know where the time goes!

I had a delivery of Knit Pro odds and ends today and also the new Louisa Harding Ondine which I will try to put in my shop tomorrow.

It has been sunny here today and Jackson has been in and out – he does not go far and I do not go out of the room and so I can see what he is up to.  He is not so bold out in the big wide world and soon scurries back at any unexpected noise.  He has definitely gained weight and looks well. Let’s hope he is cured.

Now I am going to cook a duck leg for Slip..the things I do for that dog!!

February 22nd

Hmm!  Our trip to the seaside was not a great success. I rushed around at the crack of dawn packing parcels and answering emails so that I could go out with a clear conscience. We drove to the seaside – one and a half hours  – and headed for the beach where the fish stalls are. There was only one and he did not have any crabs, prawns or lobster! Only a few cod and haddock.  John bought one piece of haddock and that was that.  We thought we would go and have lunch.  I had a fish cocktail which was very watery and tasteless and John had haddock in a batter which he said had been frozen.  So much for fresh fish,  We then came home feeling somewhat cheated!

I have no time to write anymore as I am way behind – I will make more time tomorrow!

February 21st


Jackson surveys the room!


We are going out for the day – or part day – tomorrow. We are going to the sea to buy some fresh fish!  It is about an hour and a half’s drive from here. Slip will come but Jackson will stay at home. I am hoping there will be crabs and prawns.

Jackson was in big trouble yesterday. John was tying some flies and Jackson stole one of the feather capes out of his fly tying box!  These capes are expensive and delicate. I got it away from him but, no sooner than my back was turned, and he fished it out of the box.  John gave him an old one to play with, but, no, he did not want that one, it had to be the best one!

Nothing much to report on the yarn front – I am expecting some Jamieson Lace Weight this week and some new colors of Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight in April.

Now I am going to change the bed – not my fav job as Jackson is always a nuisance leaping into the pillow cases!  Back tomorrow